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    Hello every fur, my name is Lakota! It's been a long while since I have posted on here! Last time I posted was in introductions lol, I'm a wolf babyfur and I live in New Mexico which isn't bad although I misses the green lol.

    I write poems sometimes!

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    You be welcome! :3 Hmm, haven't even read your intro yet... Gonna do that right after posting this, that's probably a better place to welcome you. Hehe ^^

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    Hehe I like being welcomed everywhere ^^ How you like ADISC?

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    :3 I like it a lot, seems much more... Down to earth than other forums with similar content. Unfortunately I haven't been that active, but I guess that'll come when I get to know the site better. Hehe. ^^

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    Hehe I know what you mean! I am trying to get more active on this site too!

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