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    Do enybody have red the book "There's a baby in my bed"?
    I'm doing in this period, and I found it very interesting and is helping myself to accept more my little side. The book is writen more for abdl partners, is sostantially a guide to accept the convivence with an abdl, but stil I found it useful for myself.

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    I agree wholeheartedly. I read the book and it helped me to understand that I have a little side, not just a strange habit. It helps to define the types of regressives. My wife read the first part of it and dropped out, saying she was not into that type of a partnership. But I think it helped me quite a bit.

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    I read it. Yeah, it is more geared toward partners, but it really helped me see myself and understand myself better. It also helped me feel like i had a chance with somebody accepting me in a relationship situation.

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    I also read it and got some new insight from it. I found the first half more pertinent to who I am than the second, but the entire book was interesting and illuminating.

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    There are some crazy parts of that book, IMHO. But that's sort of what Dogboy said.

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