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Thread: Fellie's Obligatory Introduction Thread!

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    Default Fellie's Obligatory Introduction Thread!

    Hello! I'm not sure how active I will be here, but I've been lurking for a while. I enjoy reading the threads because there is a lot of good advice here, but so far I haven't been inclined to post anything myself. Well... not until now, and to be honest, I'm mainly doing this so I can read threads again, but who knows, I may post every once in a while too, since I'm doing this.

    Now, I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm 26 years old and I'm genetically male. I'm pretty sure I'm mentally male as well, but I do enjoy cute and girly things and I'm not gay, so I guess I'm just a guy who challenges gender roles. I'm not an adult baby and I'm not particularly interested in age play, but being interested in girly/feminine things, I do enjoy crossdressing. I'm currently in the closet though, for the most part. I'm a brony and I have a collection of pony merchandise, so my family knows that I'm into some cute and "girly" stuff, but they don't know the extent of it. Something they don't know is that I'm also into some dolls, especially Pullip dolls and I kind of like Hello Kitty. I think she's really cute, but I just don't like how her face is literally everywhere and she doesn't seem to have much of a personality, imo. I don't know. Maybe I just don't know enough about her, or maybe it's just something you have to make up yourself. Anyway, I digress.

    As for the crossdressing, I'm public with some of it. For example, I LOVE colourful, cute, and fuzzy socks and you can't really find them in men's, so I wear nothing but women's socks. I also wear women's pajama pants and I wear clear nail polish. (top coat) My excuses are that I like how soft women's pj's are and that I wear clear polish because it hardens my nails and I like for them to look nice. I also wear coloured polish on my toenails, but I wear shoes or socks all the time, so no one knows about it yet. I also have some panties that I wear sometimes, but I keep them hidden. Besides that, I really like skirts, and I'm interested in other types of clothing, but I don't have anywhere to hide anything and I don't have the courage to come out yet, or ever, for that matter.

    So yeah, although I'm not really into age play, this place is still relevant to my interests and I find the threads here both inspiring and helpful. I'm open minded and to be honest, I'm actually a bit curious about diaper wearing and all that, so I may try it out at some point, I don't know. Anyway, as I said, I probably won't be very active, but there are some bronies here and I'm sure there are others I can relate to as well, so who knows, I just may end up making some friends here and becoming an active member after all. In any case, I'm happy to be here and I look forward to seeing what this place has to offer.

    By the way, if anyone's curious about my username, it's based on my "female name", Ellie, which in turn is somewhat of a feminization of my real name, which I don't feel comfortable revealing. It's been a while since I came up with it, so I don't know why I added the F. That's just what it is.

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    Hello, Fellie! That's a great intro, and as egor says, "Welcome to the site!".

    I'm not particularly girly or anything myself... But (in my younger years, after a few beers) I once wore a mini-skirt out! And... quite liked it for some reason!

    Quote Originally Posted by Fellie View Post
    I LOVE colourful, cute, and fuzzy socks and you can't really find them in men's, so I wear nothing but women's socks.
    Ha ha! That's cool! My "little" side loves cute stuff like that! I LOVE my cute kids' duvet cover that I got a while ago! To me, it looks perfectly cute for either gender, but it was in the "girls'" section.

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll find lots of girly non-diaperish discussions abound (until you try a diaper and realise what you've been missing and become ONE OF US!) Ha ha!

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    Welcome from another sissy.

    I'm also.a DL, sounds like you might be too, time will tell!


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    Aww, if only I was as good at writing introductions as you! :3 Great job, mate! I hope you'll keep finding this forum interesting and maybe post a bit here and there.
    *The fox goes bow*

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    Kilts work for getting away with x-dressing as seen here Andy Stewart - Donald, Where's Your Trousers - YouTube also for getting away with carrying a ceremonial dagger.

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