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Thread: My Favorite Poem

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    Default My Favorite Poem

    Just remembered it today - from "A LIGHT IN THE ATTIC"

    Thoughts on Getting Out of a Nice Warm Bed in an Ice-Cold House to Go to the Bathroom at Three O'Clock in the Morning,

    Maybe life was better When I used to be a wetter.

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    Meditations on Ice-Breaking
    Candy is dandy
    Liquor is quicker
    -Ogden Nash

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    Of Debts and Mothers

    The wiser man forgets what he forgives,
    Discarding debts as other children's toys;
    No man grows old yet while his mother lives:
    To mothers, even kings are silly boys.

    - Felix Dennis

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    If I could be anywhere,
    I would be that sad eyed child
    who sets sail to his craft,
    as frail as a May butterfly.


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