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Thread: Pondering if someone smarter could update these (or make and sell them)

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    Default Pondering if someone smarter could update these (or make and sell them)

    A while ago a posted plans on how to make extender straps for diapers here

    I haven't tried but I don't understand on how to do it very well but I was wondering since it seems that since it would be a thing that would be in high demand that the plans should be updated and with more pics. Also I think someone could set up shop making extender straps for people too something like $10 a pair? just to keep it even but as an example.

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    Those ARE surprisingly hard to follow instructions. But really, I think the important part is this: you cut off the back strappy parts of a pullup and then glue or tape them together, with the "velcro" parts on the outside.

    In my experience with pullups (mostly Huggies and the Well Beginnings Training Pants), you don't even need to do the gluing/taping business. You can just tear or cut the back "wings" off of a pullup, and then use those as extenders without further modification. The sticky tabs on a new pair should attach to the extender's "elastic" material pretty well... but then, I've never tried wearing these for long periods of time, so maybe that method isn't as reliable. (Also it won't give you as much length, if you need longer extenders.)

    Anyway, you might also want to look at cottontails' guide for making Pampers extenders, it might give you some other ideas.

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