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    Hi everyone!

    So, the dreaded freadian slip, have you ever made one? If your not sure what one is - It's when your talking about one thing, but then a different word from your subconcious hops in. The classic example, two lovers in bed and one of them accidentally says the name of an ex. Ouch!

    So, have you ever done something like this? Sometimes it can be funny, sometimes disastrous. Here's a few of my examples:

    I was giving a friend a music theory lesson. I was explaining the construction of chords. But rather than saying 'tri-chord' (a three-note chord) i said 'bi-chord'... *facepalm*.
    he gave me a very camp flick of the wrist "oh a bi-chord??" ... how very awkward.

    My dog was out in the garden the other day. My mum asked me "would you let in door please" ... I assumed she meant the dog.

    So, have any of you made or witnessed a freudian slip recently? Any funny or possibly random results?

    - lotusflower

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    I've said "Turn off that damn window" when irritated with the sun before. Made sense at the time...I like my sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LotusFlower View Post
    So, have any of you made or witnessed a freudian slip recently?
    oh, they're the worst kind of slip; they just let it all hang out for the world to see.

    actually, it's kind of hard to tell when something is accidental in English because of all the double-meanings (and more) and the daily wordplay and joviality that goes on.
    i think the closest that i ever came to such a thing was while giddily awaiting a trip to KFC, very back-in-the-day (y'know, when it was good) and, as would a child, i was pleasuring myself by playing with the ad' slogan of "finger-licking good", mixing the words and the sounds around.
    i think it was the first time that i spoke the word 'fuck' and it was in front of my parents. i realized straight away, stopped in my phonetic tracks, like , and looked towards mum and dad to see what was coming, but they both turned from shock to laughter as they saw my reaction. phew!

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    Ok, i always have a few beer cans in the cooler in my car each day for the drive home.
    it was friday afternoon I filled out my hours sheet for my boss to sign, I got out of my car grabbed and opened a beer and went over to my boss.
    he asked me who shouted the beers, I told him I always have a few in the car so I can have one at lunchtime, (I meant to say for the drive home lol) he laughed and said that was a freudian slip!

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    None I can remember well. However, there's a great one in the TV show Frasier. Niles is discussing a patient of his who had a slip, whereby he meant to ask his wife to pass the salt but instead said "you've ruined my life you bloodsucking shrew"

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