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Thread: Cloth backed nappies

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    Default Cloth backed nappies

    Hi all
    I know that most of you on hear are lovers of plastic back nappies
    But I just find cloth backed more confitable
    So my question to all of you is.

    What clothed back nappies can I get and what ones are best and why

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    I would probably say the Abena Abri form premium air plus briefs. They sell them on XP medical. They are really absorbent and really really thick depending on what size you get. I think there is a cloth back version of Cushies if you're looking for a cute baby style diaper.

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    Do they do samples as I don't want to spend lots if I won't like them

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    I like plastic backed at home but in public I wear cloth like cover. I did like the ABRI-FORM premiums, but I personally prefer the Tena ultra it is very comfortable and absorbent. But I do wear prevail overnight then I wear in public most of the time because I like the how discreet they are and they are really comfy, and actually really absorbent with the added bonus of them being readily available at a lot of pharmacies and medical supply stores at least in my area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bby View Post
    Do they do samples as I don't want to spend lots if I won't like them
    Well, XP Med doesn't I think, but this site has free samples! You might have to pay for shipping but it's not much I'm sure.

    ABENA Abri-Form AirPlus X-Plus (4) Briefs FREE SAMPLE | Free Incontinence Samples

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    You can get samples of Abena Air Plus at XPMedical, ebay, etc.

    The same applies to cloth backed ABU cushies.

    Just look on their sites.

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    The new cloth backed Tena Slip Maxi is reasonable. I'm massively in favour of plastic backed diapers but if I had no choice but to go cloth backed I'd go for them. They have really good tapes, good leak guards and they don't seem to chafe as bad as some others.

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    Just need find a uk company who delivers / posts samples of the cloth backed abri form

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    I wasn't that impressed with the Abena Premium (aka Air-Plus) diapers. The Comfort line (also fake-cloth-backed) are better, but I think they only go up to the M3 size... The original plastic-backed ones were much better still...

    In case you're wondering, the difference between the Premium & Comfort ranges is that the backsheet in the Comfort line isn't "breatheable" (although both have "breathable" sides), and the tapes lack the (pointless) elastic-stretchy bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTed View Post
    Euron Form super plus are excellent too
    ^^ Oh, yes -- I got a free sample of the Euron Form iD something-or-other, and they were just as good as (better than?) the Abena M3s...

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