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    Question Footed Sleeping Bag

    Hey All!

    In my random time on the net, I recently came across this: SlekBag

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I don't know if any of you all have found this to be true, but there seems to be some negative stigma with footed sleepers in my group of friends / peers. The only reason it ever came up was from one of those old "forever lazy" commercials.

    I personally have a sleeper and love it during the winter, and I am not sure if this is different for girls, but as a guy, I feel that it is not yet (or possibly never will be) cool or even socially acceptable to wear a sleeper even in a setting where it is beneficial to keep warm like camping.

    My question is this. Do you think that a footed sleeping bag like this, lets say while camping, would have that same stigma? If not, I am tempted to get one!

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    I'll bring a sleeper when I go camping next time provided it's cool enough at night to do so. I'll be the one in a footed sleeper and shoes drinking hot chocolate in the cold morning around a campfire. the people who would mock won't be and it would suck to be them in light shirts, sleeping shorts drinking shitty coffee.

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    The last school camp I went on (prior to finishing high school), there were more people in sleepers (known as onesies, at least here in Australia) than those who weren't when we all came into the dining hall. There's definitely no stigma here! I loved it, best part of the camp.

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    I recently went camping with a group of friends and wore my space themed footy pajamas that night. I waited to put them on until a few people went to bed and we were relaxing next to the fire. Never have I gotten any negative comments about wearing footy pajamas. this time was no exception, I remember one person I met that night was pretty jealous of my pajamas. I am the only person in my group of friends that I have seen wearing footy pajamas.

    I will let op know this, if I saw you wearing that full body parka onesie thing I would make fun of you, while wearing my own footy pajamas. those are super fluffy and look like a marshmallow. maybe that would look appropriate on the moon. After saying that I do think they look quite comfy and can probably hide a diaper quite well.

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    cool suit I am going to get one look very warm and confy

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    I don't know if it would be accepted or not. I don't think it would be made fun of in the same way as a footed sleeper. Tho It would be made fun of, but I don't think it would be in the same way.

    Speaking of the stigma of footed sleepers. It's interesting how it doesn't exist in some areas and others its still going strong. The older generations seem to still see it as negative, unless its girls every one seems fine with girls wearing them.

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    I have several footed sleepers some are too hot for the summer but I have a terry toweling one for then

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    A footed sleeping bag? I'd probably like that if I was out camping when it was cold.

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