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Thread: Trying to become a bedwetter

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    Default Trying to become a bedwetter


    Has anyone successfully become a bedwetter? If so please provide any insight you find helpful!!!

    I am trying to accomplish this without the use of 24/7 wearing.

    My plan is:
    >to sleep without going to the bathroom and perhaps drinking around 400-500mL of water before sleep.
    >as soon as I wake up in the night just let go and try to sleep as soon as possible.
    >SoCalAB Bedwetter Hypnosis/EMG Bedwetter Curse

    I am wondering however if I will unlearn my dry habits faster if I wet without a diaper each night. (Just Plastic Sheet)

    Ive been wearing and wetting 75% of nights for the past 4-5 months and know this is something I want. I plan to commit now 100% and wet every night until it is beyond my control.

    ~ Hoping to share and update along the way ~

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    Please do update, and let me know how this turns out, ive never been a big believer in hypnosis, but i would try it if i thought it would work, I managed to wet my nappy during sleep once by drinking 1/4 bottle of wine followed by 2 glasses of water and then i pee'd an diapered up immediately after, then i downed another 1/4 bottle of wine, and went to bed with my head spinning, i passed out and woke up wet and the bed got mildly wet too, but it smelt like wine and i had a bit of a hangover so it wasn't the most enjoyable experience, but it worked. I think if i just got into the routine of wearing and wetting nightly, maybe having a drink or two just to help fall asleep i could do it, but i dont wear often enough and when i do wear to bed a lot of times im just too anxious to sleep.

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    I agree with you on the hypnosis I want to believe its working but one cant help but be skeptical

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    Here a trick I do. Ok make sure you have a full bladder. Empty part of it so you don't feel like you have a full bladder. Then go to bed. Also make sure your tired.

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    I think posts about how to achieve incontinence are generally discouraged.However to become a bed wetter you need to first buy yourself a waterproof mattress cover.This will help stop the cost of replacing expensive bed mattress.Also you will need some adult nappies.Then you start to drink no more than 2 liters in one go before bed of a non alcoholic beverage.When you lie in bed you will feel the need to pee.It is highly unlikely you will sleep needing to pee so you start by training yourself to pee in bed lying down.If you're not used to wetting in bed this will be quite hard at first.You will probably need to squeeze out the pee, but as you do this more and more it will become easier as time goes by until you can pee with hardly any effort in bed.This gets you past the psychological block that wetting in bed is wrong and will help you on the way to becoming a bed wetter.Remember you must practice wetting the bed every night.If your nappy leaks in bed which it almost certainly will do you must learn to lie and sleep in your wet bed. This may sound disgusting but its what genuine bed wetters go through.If you can learn to sleep in a wet bed you will be well on your way to being a bed wetter.

    When you wake up the night or the morning, wet in bed again, if you are able to go, then try to go back to sleep, even if your nappy or bed is soaked.After some time of wetting your bed deliberately your brain will begin to send the message that wetting in bed is normal and eventually, maybe after months, you will wet in your sleep.It is most likely you will start by waking up whilst urinating, but you may also wake up with a wet nappy and/or bed sheets after peeing in your sleep.This will come as a big surprise at first.Congratulations, you are now a bed wetter.

    Remember, once you start wetting your bed in your sleep it is very difficult, perhaps impossible to reverse it.You will need to really think about this and ask yourself if its really what you want.You will pee the bed accidentally wherever you are, even round a friends house.You will need to tell your friends you are a bed wetter when you stay round their house, which will mean taking nappies to sleep overs.Also as well as peeing the bed accidentally on a regular basis, daytime accidents will start to happen also, that is wetting your pants accidentally, so you will probably start to need nappies 24/7.You will need to be 100% okay with accidentally peeing yourself in your bed whilst sleeping and wetting your pants, possibly for the rest of your life.

    I don't wet the bed like this, despite wearing 24/7 for about 4 months, but then I'm not really trying to.But many people want to, for reasons that many find hard to understand.Also if you live with friends or family people will notice you have started to wet the bed.You will have to wash bed sheets very often and your bedroom will smell of pee after a good bed wetting.Good luck with your bed wetting, keep us updated.
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    Unless you are the one responsible for laundry, water bills, maintenance of laundry equipment, etc, etc, don't do this. Its terribly unfair to those around you. Oh, then there's the inevitable, constant smell of urine.

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    Bad idea, as it's not something you can turn on and off, and if you ever feel like regaining control, it's game over.

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    I wet the bed while wearing a diaper Friday, it was not intentional. I don't think you should force yourself to consistently wet the bed. Once in a while is ok. I was exhausted and was retaining water because I had just got over being dehydrated from working in a hot factory. I guess my body had decided it was ok to get rid of the extra water as it got cooler. I hadn't drank anything for 2 hours before bed. Although I think it was kinda cool to wake up in a soaked diaper, if it were all the time it wouldn't be fun anymore.

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    Stuff like this is not only a completely terrible idea, it's just downright ridiculous.

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    Thank you Lozza for such an in depth post. I am already doing some of what you mentioned. I have been sleeping in nappies now for almost 5 months now and wetting (on purpose) if and when I awaken. I am priming the pump so to speak with warter or juice.

    I plan to switch from wearing nappies tho to purley wetting the bed (w/ plastic sheet on) in order to train myself to sleep in a wet environment when not diapered. Over the past 5months wearing/wetting 75% of nights has I believe caused 1 actual wet bed in which I did not consiously go.

    I believe I am well on my way now and hve a jumpstart at this "re-training" period. Wetting while laying down is quite effortless in the majority of my typical sleeping positions.

    I do understand that this is not a typical desire and have thought through all the scenarios that will now become more difficult for lack of a better term.

    The following are things I personally take responsibility for:
    >>I do my own laundry
    >>Bought my own plastic sheet
    >>Purchase 100CT of preferred diapers/pull-ons
    >>Told family and friends I started wetting
    >>Understand increased diffuculty in finding a relationship

    Further more I dont expect everyone to want what I want; however I am like any other adult and deserve the right to pursue life as I see it.
    *its not like im harming anyone else*

    Because of this I would like to please ask those who have a difference in opinion to please post elsewhere, your comments will not disuade me so lets not waste your time or mine.

    I am responsible for myself and please only add to the thread if u have something to contribute to the OT. Thanks

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