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Thread: Public wearing, fun until your pants get wet...

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    Default Public wearing, fun until your pants get wet...

    I recently wore out in public for the first time(walking around the neighbourhood and goodnites don't count). I put on a tena super and a pair of plastic pants. At first I was a little nervous wondering if people could see my diaper or hear it but eventually I didn't even notice I was wearing it. It was actually pretty comfortable.

    I wet at target, the bookstore and after a third wetting, I changed in a bathroom. Also when wearing out in public, it isn't a choice to avoid changing or not wearing a diaper after you've wet because you'll need to stay fresh and don't want your urine soaked bum touching your pants after. Plus trying to pee while wearing a diaper requires taking tabs off and various extra work.

    The first time went great but I recently tried it again and I noticed the tena super that I put on didn't seem as large as I recall. I wet once and the diaper felt quite moist but not saggy and heavy like it usually gets. I kept wearing and wet again but it didn't feel saggy and heavy like usual. I went about my business and went to my car.

    I sat down in my car and felt moisture move around the diaper and thought nothing of it but that I need to change soon. I then decided to check my backside and noticed a bit of a wet spot by the diaper leg. I figured that's ok and fine.

    I drove to another shop and before getting out I checked my backside.... My pants were completely drenched on the backside and my car seat was as well now too. I had two options of either going inside a shop with completely wet pants or ride it out in my car until I get home. I did the latter and shampooed my car after too which was overdue anyways.

    Well that sucked and I dunno why that tena super sucked so much or didn't feel right. I think it may've been one of the samples I got from the medical supply shop and it wasn't actually a super or something.

    tl;dr - First time wearing in public went flawless. Second time I got a dud of a diaper or something and it leaked all over the place when I sat down. Lesson learnt is to wear a diaper that you can trust fully.

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    If I'm wearing a nappy outdoors I won't wet more than twice and am very careful about sitting down after.I don't know why it would leak after one wetting.I guess that anybody who wears and wet outdoors runs a risk of embarrassing leaks.My Attends leaked a bit after sitting down after just two wettings round my mothers house the other day.Luckily nobody noticed.Usually they can take three before risk of leaks.If I think I'm going to be out longer than the nappy will last I will just use the toilet by peeing out the side of the nappy or undoing the tabs.I would not put myself in a position where I had to carry spare ones around for changing.People would always ask what you have in the bag and you would have to explain your nappies.

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    Always worry this happening when I wear in public. Gotta know the diapers that you're wearing and what they're capable of holding. Also, you just have to be diligent with them.

    I wear Easy-Ups and Goodnites most of the time, so I do normally try to carry a spare or two stashed in my car . If I think that I'll be changing in the place I'm going, I'll grab one and stuff it in my pocket. Then, I'll go straight to the restroom and change before doing anything else. Adds a little more work on my part but doesn't bother me too much.

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