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Thread: Needing help !

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    Default Needing help !

    So here's the thing. I live in Quebec (Canada) and i have been searching for a mate for like, years. Thing is, i can't find anybody that is active on any AB/DL forum/websites that lies around me. I don't know if any of you guys would have suggestions to help me with my researches, but if so, i would gladly listen to them ! XD

    Thanks in advance <3

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    1) depends on your type of partner and what you are open to
    2) fetlife.... fetlife all the way lol... i've met lots of Canadian peeps on there :P mostly Montreal and Quebec

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    Really?!? I'm on it for several months now and i have met one person that is trying to get rid of his DL side.... ):L

    I keep searching on it everyone from Qc/Mtl i have seen didn't logged in for years....

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    You gotta be a little more active, go to events in your area or be active in groups :P

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