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Thread: Mom found my onsie.

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    Default Mom found my onsie.

    So anyway, here's the deal. My Mom and Dad are in town for a week, and Mom always helps out around the house when she's here. My wife did some laundry, including some cloth wipes my wife sewed for me while folding our clothes. She asked what they were, and my wife said, "they're butt wipes. Xtrabulk likes to be clean down there (this is what she said...she and Mom have a strange relationship, and she was teasing Mom)." So anyway, the wife takes all the laundry I've been not folding downstairs. I had been stacking it up in our room (we're not like that, but due to some medical issues wife was out of town, and new job and kids and and and she had come back and was helpig with the backlog). I thought I had closeted all the diaper stuff, but I guess I forgot a onsie. So, I was walking downstairs, and saw Mom folding. Then she grabbed the onsie. She held it up, raised a brow, and said, "whose is THIS?" I nearly panicked, but realized I was 40 and she was in my house, and said, "It's mine. It's fun!" Wife was mortified. But, Mom just said, "Well, I guess that's why you need the butt wipes." Then she started laughing. Of note- I belive she has known about my proclivities since I was 24ish. And, the laughter wasn't degrading or humilitati at all. It was a strange, "I get it and am in on the joke and I love you and you must feel weird and I've known about your diapers forever and I'm glad you found a wife" laugh. It was comforting, and after a talk...and a million wife convinced me to share. Anyway, I think im closer to my mom than I've been in a while. Thanks for listening!

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    Good story and sounds like a happy time while your mom was there.

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    Still here, actually. And, later, she foumd a soaker from that bamboo diaper on Amazon. She asked what it was, and I said a towel. So she went to putthem away in the towel closet, and when I went to take it back, there it was neatly folded on its own shelf. She totally knows...right? Wife claims she told mom last year that the onsie was so "my plumber's butt doesnt show," but I doubt mom remembers that.

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    Well leave out something with baby print on it and see how she acts to that. Could open a good discussion.

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    I like your mom. She sounds really great (and really hip for an old lady)

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    Awesome my mom thinks the same way

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