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Thread: Indie film about AB's what's the verdict?

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    Default Indie film about AB's what's the verdict?

    Grow Up Already - Trailer - YouTube

    there's the link I'm still not 100% sure it's real or not the trailer has some kind of weird quality but it is an indie film so that would explain it. I just don't know about it usually I'm against any kind of exposure in the media, but this might not be as bad. Depends on the actual movie I suppose. What do you guys think about it?

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    It's an actual film, and so far it seems alright. Here's the link:

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    thanks for the link now I can clarify that I don't care for it at all.

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    thanks for the link ^^ adorable movie <3 have yet to see the other half cause i stopped to post this comment, its great to see the film world taking a moden it is how it is approach to the ABDL culture instead of simply showing them as outcasts or weird i feel that the film really looks at it from a non judgmental perspective and probebly helped alot of other people see it that way too, exposing the funny and cute side of things, the good and bad, probebly opening alot of peoples eyes to a subculture they didn't know existed before. it deserved the awards it won

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    Well, its cute, but it still has the main character "growing up," and putting his diapers away by the end of it, to win the love of his girl. Is that a realistic outcome for any of us? I guess it gets down to the question of whether you would give this up for someone you loved, but this film answers that question: of course he has to grow up, we all do!

    I dunno, I have mixed feelings, because I think it perpetuates the stigma that we all face: that we are somehow immature or "undeveloped," or just plain ill. Imagine if this video was called "Man up already!" and was about a gay guy trying to learn how to be straight-- would you still think it was cute?

    I don't want to rain on the cute parade, because there are a lot of adorable scenes in this movie, but I get a lousy aftertaste.

    I hope this helps

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    I saw the film a while back and enjoyed it. I don't actually think it's about ABs. I think it's a lighthearted satire of a certain kind of romantic comedy, where the guy has to "grow up" in a less literal sense.

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    I watched this short film a while ago and thought it was very good. It's not about adult babies as such though, so don't watch it expecting that. The following quote from the director sums up the thinking behind the film quite well:

    After seeing a string of Judd Apatow inspired films about a “man-child” growing up to win over the woman he loves, I thought it might be fun to satirize that idea by taking it to it’s literal extreme.
    It's surprisingly good for a low budget short film. There's a reasonable plot, cute scenes, funny humour and good characters. It's also appealing because of the unique and interesting interpretation of someone living as a 'little'.

    On a side note - I want the nursery bachelor pad that his playmate lives in!

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