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Thread: World view of Russia

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    Thumbs up World view of Russia

    I've looked at "American view of europe" thread and as russian decided to create my own

    There are different opinions at mass press in Europe and USA about Russian Federation, especially after 2008 year. Is it real, that most of the world thinking that Russian is a "Evil Empire" or "Angry Bear" ? What do you think about Russia today living in USA and Europe? What image Russian have for today?

    Please, i want to hear the truth

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    I think Putin's the puppeteer behind the new 'president'. I like also how this prime minister post was created by Putin on his way out, and he's now in it.

    I'm also fairly certain he's going to become president after the next elections, since by russian constitution, he couldn't be pres. more than two terms IN A ROW. Honestly though? The way he was going his first spin, I wouldn't have been surprised if he just re-wrote the thing and pulled out that little bit about two consecutive terms, but he did this instead, which I suppose is SLIGHTLY better overall.

    I also think this ratcheting up the nuclear arsenal shit needs to stop, on BOTH sides.

    If Bush is so serious about his missile shield to stop 'rogue nations' from launching missiles, then shit, why not offer to provide the Russians with the same missile defense technology? Even at a free or reduced price?

    I'd find it hard for them to insist on needing to upgrade their nuclear arsenal because the evil U.S.A. is placing missile shields to shoot down russian nukes and give america first strike capability, if america came and offered to share the same stuff with them to begin with.

    In fact, why hasn't this happened already? You'd think anything that'd help avert a possible nuclear encounter between the states and russia would be a good thing, as that's one of the things that can easily lead to the end of the world.

    Also, I like vodka, love potatoes, and think the russian police are rather heavy-handed, but still usually badass about enforcing the law. It's when they do something horribly wrong that makes me frown a bit. Like when that theatre was overtaken by terrorists, and they used a special gas to 'paralyze the lungs of, and induce unconsciousness in' the enemy, and whoops, it turns out having your lungs paralyzed and your ability to breathe removed is actually fatal, and so many innocent people died there.

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    I am afraid of what Vladimir Putin and his machine are doing to Russia. I know Russians are a proud and patriotic bunch, but the direction he has taken seems overly aggressive, and the hard fought democratic freedoms won seem to be slipping away. I would hate for there to be a return to the communist policies that oppressed so many citizens.

    A friend of mine's wife is Ukrainian, and I hope to be able to visit Russia and Ukraine with them one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Russia is just...There...It's cold and it's there
    )) Last 3 years the lowest temperature was about -10 in north-west region. For now it's about +1 in St.-Petersburg. May be in Siberia there is lower then -50

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    Well...I really don't think that Russians (common Russians, i.e. civilians) aren't bad people, most of them aren't really that expressive but that doesn't mean they are bad (I have met a few Russians in the past). I think that the military and the goverment are more than screwed ever since WWII finished, even though that doesn't qualify Russia as evil because they actually have different opinions and mentality, nobody really has the rights to persuade them to change that.

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    It's cool, and I think it's a beautiful contry. Also without Russia we wouldn't have GTA IV's leading role Niko Belic.

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    I used to be obsessed with that country. Don't ask me why; I have no idea. I just really loved the culture and the language for awhile. Since then, my obsession has faded.

    I think the Russian government is rather shady. I didn't like how they reacted to the Russia-Georgia war. I think they have very "shoot first, ask questions later" policy. I just think their government is very shady.

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    Like Maverick, I think Russia isn't all that!. Unfortunately I believe they have taken several step backwards in their pursuit of democracy. The last election is evidence of that. The news we get over here is that Russian politics are even more dirty than ours! I'm also distressed over the Russian standard of living, and so many of it's youth out on the street, on their own, so to speak. A lot of the child pornography comes from Russia and other Baltic countries. I assume this is so because of economic desperation, as well as child abuse. Anyway, that's the impression that I get.

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    I think Russians have a far too romantic notion of Stalin. He's one of the greatest mass murderers in history. His gulags were almost as bad as the Holocaust, but also were on a larger scale. His regime actually killed more people than the Nazis, only beaten by Mao's Cultural Revolution. He was a disgusting and evil person, but a lot of Russians seem to like him. Lenin was a much better person in comparison.

    I think Putin has a far too romantic notion of the USSR. It rotted from within for a reason. It was a badly designed system. He's trying too hard to re-create the USSR's glory as a world power, and should keep his focus on making Russia a good place to live. Right now, it is not as free and prosperous as it has every right to be. If he did that, he would have no need for suppression to maintain his iron grip on Russian politics. In fact, I don't think he even needs to now. It's just an ego thing.

    I agree that a lot of bad stuff happened after the USSR fell, which in turn lead to the reign of the oligarchs. This should be addressed, but not through nationalization ala Gazprom, but by strict regulation and forcing the oligarchs to sell some of their shares directly to Russian individuals. The truth is, and everyone knows it, those nationalizations were done so Putin could use oil and gas as a political weapon.

    As for that, I agree Russia shouldn't have to subsidize their neighbours. They should do it for humanitarian reasons, but I agree that countries like Ukraine must pay the market price eventually. But this brinkmanship is bullshit. You can transition to market pricing gradually and without cutoffs.

    Also, Russia should stop selling weapons and nuclear technology to militant states and terrorists. Their backing of Iran and Iran's nuclear program is a fool's errand. Sometimes I suspect Russia may actually be trying to start another world war, because they think they can benefit from it somehow.

    I also dislike the fact that you can say "Russia does abc" or "Putin does abc" and it means pretty much the same thing. No country where thought, politics and power is so centralized has ever done very well. Even if it's a smart person, they do not live forever. I dare say, power might be more centralized now than during the USSR. Still, at least Putin appreciates the uses of capitalism in certain aspects of how the country operates.

    I guess, I just think Russia is a very government controlled country, and the Russian people are so used to that, they don't know how else it could be. It's a shame. At least the Chinese are slowly moving away from this, while Putin loves it.

    PS: In Soviet Russia, Russia views the world!
    I will forever thank Russia for that joke!

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