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Thread: thickness factor

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    Default thickness factor

    how thick do you like them
    thin like goodnites and pullups
    or thick as heck
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    I'm going to go with thick for the most part. The thicker they are, the more absorbant they are. However, there are times when you need a thinner diaper like when you are around alot of people and want to be discrete and stuff like that.
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    thick, its more comfortable. But like ^ Molicare said they aren't good around people.

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    thick as possible, but I suppose thing if I was going to wear out (which I proly wouldn't)

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    I like them thick. Thin diapers just arn't as fun.

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    As thick as possible for me.

    I don't trust thin diapers, they could leak whenever they like to... while a good thick diaper - possibly with a booster - feels as reliable as I love it to be.

    The bulkiness problem can be easily solved by wearing baggy pants.

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    Thick is good in most situations... I know some of the ladies prefer a thinner diaper so they can still wear their skin tight clothes... But for me something like a Abri X-Plus or Bambino is wonderful.

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