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Thread: Describe your last genuine accidental childhood wetting

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    Default Describe your last genuine accidental childhood wetting

    My last genuine wetting occurred about 3 months before I turned 13.

    Back then, the Sunday paper was home delivered on Saturday evening. I was a paperboy, and had a pretty good route.

    It started a couple of blocks from home, and followed a major road for about a mile with houses the entire length on one side and finishing at a shop. I would then cross the road and walk back serving the houses on the other side.

    On that side there were houses at the start and finish, with a race course in the middle part. The last stop of the night, across the road from where I had started was the pub. I would get to the pub about 8:30, when most of the patrons were getting well lubricated.

    For good reason, mum didn't like me going into a pub full of drunk people by myself at 8:30 on a Saturday night aged only 12. I would do my round, pulling a little cart with my papers in it, and she would meet me outside the pub and walk home with me.

    So on this night, I'm walking past the race course towards the last few homes, and my waiting mother, and being a cold night, combined with the drink I bought at the shop meant I really wanted a pee. I must have been holding myself a bit because mum noticed and asked me.

    I confirmed my need, and she told me to ask the bartender for permission to use the bathroom after I sold my papers. I sold a few papers, and as usual got good tips from the patrons, along with the usual friendly stirring. I WAS going to ask for the bathroom, but at the last moment dropped my last papers. Supplements, magazines and lift outs dropped everywhere. This of course led to a drunken round of applause and more good natured teasing. Nothing mean, but very embarrassing.

    I quickly retrieved my papers and made a bee line for the door. "Are you going to the toilet?" Mum asked.

    "I can wait till we get home" was my reply.

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yeah. Let's just get out of here."

    We started of home, with my already large need to pee increasing even more as I stepped into the cold air once more. Again I found myself squeezing the crotch of my brown corduroy jeans.

    I hadn't wet my pants for nearly a year, and while I honestly thought that wet accidents were a thing of the past, I was getting worried. I mean I was going to be a teenager soon, and teenagers don't wet themselves. I had started enjoying deliberate wetting in private at this age, but in no way did I want an accident in front of my mother!

    As we crossed the last side street, I was paying more attention to my bladder than my paper cart. I stepped up the gutter, one hand pulling at my pants, the other pulling the cart. All of a sudden the wheel on my cart dropped into a drain grate and got stuck.

    It didn't dislodge easy, so I had to turn around, put both hands on the handle and pull hard. It came loose suddenly, and I stumbled backwards with surprise.

    The shock, combined with the fact I wasn't holding myself anymore was enough. I wet my corduroy pants! Not a full on no holes barred accident, but a sudden giant squirt followed by a 2-3 second loss of control. I turned away from mum and quickly latched onto my crotch again, feeling soaking wet fabric there. Mum hadn't noticed, and I didn't tell her. As we passed under a street light, I took a surreptitious look down to see the damage.

    I had the classic wet spot. Perfectly round, the size of a small plate, but nothing running down my legs. The brown corduroy showed it off perfectly.....

    I spent the rest of the 2 minute walk home with my hand trying to hide the evidence. Mum saw me holding and said "Don't worry sweetie, nearly there. You can do a wee in the yard in a minute."

    We got to our house and I bolted for the backyard while mum went inside. I quickly unzipped, pulled my drenched undies aside and relieved my aching bladder. I then quickly hurried inside and went to my room. I checked out the mirror, and saw a very young looking boy staring back at me with very wet pants. Although I was embarrassed, there was something about the image that stirred emotions in me that I didn't quite understand.

    I took my clothes off and stashed my pants under the bed. I put my pyjamas on and came back out. Mum told me I needed a shower, so off to the bathroom I went.

    When I got out I heard mum calling me from the laundry. When I got there, she's holding my jeans in one hand and my undies in the other.

    "Why didn't you go to the toilet at the pub?"

    "I was embarrassed" I said.

    "Embarrassed to use the toilet but not to wet yourself like a baby. Honestly Barry, I thought we were over this. You're way to old to be doing a wee in your pants like this. I understand it was an accident, but you're a big boy now and shouldn't wet yourself if you can ask for the toilet."

    This was quite a big telling off from mum. She also told dad, which she never did (as far as I know) and I copped an embarrassing lecture from him as well.

    When I went to bed that night, I was feeling down and quite little. I went through my drawers and dug out some old training pants and plastic panties left over from my bed wetting days. I wore those under my pyjamas that night, and they made me feel secure and comfortable.

    I continued wetting on purpose and in private after that, but that was my last actual wetting accident, aged 12.

    What's your story?

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    I was 8. I had come home from school really just about to burst, tried to pull my pants down in the bathroom and accidentally wet them. I remember feeling the warm pee dribbling down my legs and the pants sticking like I had just been out in the rain. Really warm rain.

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    I was 6. I wet the bed in the hospital. I nurse came in and check on me. She notice the bed was wet. She moved me to another room that had another bed. Then she came back with a diaper in her hand. She told to me to lay down. She put the diaper on me. She told me that I have to wear diapers from now on. She told me no more wet beds ok. I said ok. I was a in diapers at the hospital for a week. I was getting my tonsils out at that time.

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    I was 7 and in 2nd grade. It was about an hour before school ended and we were doing reading class, all sitting in a circle on the rug around the teacher. I needed to go badly and asked the teacher but she refused to let me go. Not long after that I soaked my pants in front of everyone. I was sent to the nurse and my mom came and picked me up and brought clean pants and underwear. When I got home my dad started making fun of me and talking about needing diapers. It was truly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I don't think I've ever felt that ashamed before or since. I've had a fear of wetting myself in public that's stuck with me ever since.

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    Last accident I recall was in 2nd grade and it was the end of the day at school. Normally I would be able to hold it until I got home and then go in my own bathroom. I hated using school bathrooms because they are possibly the dirtiest, smelliest, most disgusting bathrooms out there (Wal-Mart's are a close second. ) Today was unique for some reason though and I really had to go in the middle of computer class (last class of the day). I had to go but also had a teacher who did not like letting students use the bathroom at all. Being too shy to get rejected, I didn't ask and just figured I could hold it like usual. Well, I ended up letting loose in computer class and just sat in a wet seat with wet pants. Not knowing what to do, I simply stuck around until after all of my classmates left and then started packing my things up. The teacher caught me and asked if I had wet my pants (duh!). I said yes and she told me that I should have just asked to go to the bathroom instead of having an accident. My grandma came to pick me up and was definitely not pleased to see my pants doused in urine nor was my mother pleased when she heard about it. I'm sure my teacher got quite the phone call after that incident...

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    I really, really don't know how you folks here can recall what occurred when you were so very young.........
    But, this stuff never happened to me. I can remember quite clearly when JFK was taken-out by Oswald in Dallas, Texas. Yep, November 22, 1963. I was seven years old.
    I remember Apollo 11 when we landed on the moon for the first time and when Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were shot in the late 60s.
    Also, there were only 48-states in the USA when I was born. Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1958. At the time, the world globe in my second grade classroom showed Alaska and the USSR the same color! I think they were both (fittingly) light pink.
    My second grade teacher had a finger missing on her left hand because it got infected and she almost died. Penicillin had just come-out, and that moldy bread actually saved her life! She recalled, in amazing detail, her struggle with the infection in the middle finger of her left hand. The infection had spread to her left lung, and the fingernail developed a secondary infection that caused a form of blood poisoning known as, 'Bird's Syndrome,' a rare condition characterized by an inability to respond to road-rage. The finger, unfortunately, had to be amputated right below the second knuckle, very close to the hand itself. This freaky-looking hand, in concert with the eyes on the back of her head, caused many of the second-graders to experience several 'night terrors' that kept their families awake all night. It was Christmastime, and the doctors who performed the fingerectomy, gifted the teacher with the finger itself, suspended in a designer bottle that was full of formaldehyde, (a preservative) that was colored red for the Season.
    In science, Dr. Rosen Steinbergmanwicz of Cambridge University discovered the first-known Einstein-Rosen bridge (better known as a 'wormhole') in the constellation Schawrtz in 1959. The object, 70,002.173 approximate light-years from Earth, is moving right at us at warp speed.
    But, I just don't remember any wetting problems. I really wanted to wet myself back then so I would be put back into diapers, but I knew the consequences if I did.
    I do remember back in the fourth-grade, I had wet myself just a little bit on several occasions, so I would be able to feel the warmth and wetness, sans the embarrassment of a large stain on the front of my pants. The act was a way for me to pretend that my underwear was a diaper. I did this many times in elementary school, and the act left me depressed and ashamed.
    I really wish I had accidentally wet myself........

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    I don't remember.

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    I don't remember.

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    I don't remember.

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    I don't remember.

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    I was in 8th grade and my best friend and I stole a duck windsock off the front lawn of a guy in our class. I was chicken and hid behind a big pine tree while she ran up and plucked it out of the ground, raising it aloft. A gust of wind with perfect timing and direction inflated the thing and she waved it around. It was so had to be there I guess, and I was trying so hard not to laugh and be stealthy, I peed myself.

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    I was 3-4 years old. A friend of my family babysit me for a week with an other kid. I was out of diapers and he wasn't. On the end of the first day i had to go pee but didn't care. I was still playing sitting on the carpet but after a moment my bladder decided that it was enough. I had wet my pants and the carpet with it. She was kinda mad at me and the ''you act like this i will treat you like that'' type. I have spend the rest of the week with a diaper on, as a punishment. I was in the first place angry and ashamed to hang out with only a shirt and a diaper in front of the other kid. But soon enough it made em what i am today.

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    Well, if 13 counts as childhood. I was staying at a friends house, I went to sleep one evening, woke up and found out I'd pissed myself. His mum was fine with it. I suspect the reason was nerves; I was about to start at a new school and I was boarding to boot.

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    I used to push an ice cream cart for "Dickie Dee," I dont know if you have those things where you are, but the job required me to be out with the bicycle cart ringing the bells, and selling ice cream to whoever would come. I was 14 at the time. One day, I was on route, and I had to pee really badly. I went to a park to find a bush, but there was a baseball game on, and as soon as someone heard my bells, the people at the game rushed my cart and formed a quick line up to buy ice cream. I had no choice. I stood on the one side of my cart while the people lined up on the other side. I knew I was screwed, it would take 20 minutes to get through these customers, and there was no escape from this situation-- I couldn't exactly abandon my cart and find a bush. So figured I would just let the pressure off a little, peeing just enough to give me some relief. Well, I just kept doing that through the whole line up-- letting a bit of pee out, and then the urge would come back. I basically flooded my pants as I sold ice cream, trying not to shudder or give away what was happening for me. I went back to the depot, and I'm sure everybody could smell it, but I was dry enough by the time I got home, so I could hide my wet pants.

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