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Thread: Words to melt an AB

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    Default Words to melt an AB

    While on the ABDL subreddit, I found a post that really intrigued me:

    I love to think about words and phrases that, if I heard or read them would instantly send me into a helpless AB state. What are your personal faves? How would you like to receive them, eg whispered, commanded, texted?
    I wanted to ask all of you guys what are some of your favorite phrases?

    Some examples from the post: "I'm putting you back in diapers."
    "You know better. You're not a baby anymore."
    "You didn't even bother holding it."
    "Do you need to go potty?"
    "Only babies wear these diapers. The fact that you can fit into them means you're absolutely a baby."
    "Uncross your legs. Big girls can hold it"
    "You're acting like a toddler. You're supposed to be an adult"

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    For me, it would probably be positive phrases like ''Good girl'' or ''Good baby,'' things that recognize that yes, I am a baby. And I can imagine role-playing potty training, doing poorly, and my (hypothetical) caregiver asking, ''Are you piddling in your training pants again?'' Of course the answer would be yes, but I wouldn't admit that

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    I seem to get great results with, "You are the cutest boy!" And variations on that theme.

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    "Time to get ready for bed, I will be up in a minute" always signaled a nappy and plastic pants wont be far behind.

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    Haha, I'll just copy my answer from that thread >.>

    Quote Originally Posted by CharliePup elsewhere
    'Does my little girl need a change?'/'Is my puppy wet?' - works in 'normal' speech with just the two of us, or whispered in public. The latter might even work better: kind of a 'jolt' into littlespace when I'm feeling too adult.

    People mentioned it in this thread already but 'good girl' is a nice one, as is 'good puppy' or even 'good boy'. Not so much something that sends me into littlespace as something I appreciate but... when I'm put in a diaper or tucked into bed with a plushie or given a bottle/pacifier, hearing '/there/'s my little girl/my puppy/my little sis' in a playful tone. Actually, it'd also work for times when I've been busy being an adult around my CT, and I get a chance to relax/be a little more playful... Then I'd be more likely to blush and nod and feel more tiny.

    As for stuff that's texted, I guess I'd enjoy things that are like... orders? Or telling me stuff that's gonna happen later. Like 'I want you to put on one of your special diapers for me' or 'when I get home, pups are getting lots of attention and we can snuggle up and watch Steven Universe'.

    Uh...Being told... 'it's okay if you can't hold it, just go in your undies' is... really something I'm interested in now, haha?
    Those things all still apply, but I guess I'd also mention things that establish authority unquestioningly in general make me feel all little and looked after. For example 'Charlie, you're going to clean your room and brush your teeth before bedtime', and that staying her firm position with me not being able to argue ('no buts!')... ooo yeah.

    My sister is really good at 'pushing' me into littlespace by just telling me I'm little, if that makes sense? She'll say 'you're just a tiiiiiny puppy', and at first of course I'm like 'no I'm not, shush' and I mean it... But she'll repeat it, giving silly-ish examples of ways in which I am 'tiny', and in my combination of giggling and pointing out how absolutely silly my big sister is, I end up feeling like exactly what she's saying I am.

    There are also non 'silly' examples of that: being snuggled and petted and told 'it's okay, you're just a little girl' or 'it's okay, you can let go, I'm here', basically being told it's okay to be who I really am and break down whatever barriers I've put up to myself feeling small. That feeling is always so powerful it's almost scary, clinging desperately to being an 'adult' for a last few seconds before being swept up in the tide of littley-feelings and letting go of all those defences. If I'm pent up I usually cry a lot. Truly amazing what words can do to me (or maybe 'undo' is a better choice of words).

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    Things like:
    "Good boy/good baby"
    Being called "baby", "sweetie" and especially "little guy"
    "Let's check your diaper"
    "Someone needs a diaper change"
    "Are you wet/messy?"- which I of course would deny even though I know I'm not really fooling anyone.
    "You're a messy little baby" during a diaper change.

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    "Have you wet your pants?"
    "Why did you wet yourself?"
    "It's ok. Just go in your pants."
    "Come here and I'll change your pants"
    "Is your nappy wet?"
    "You're wearing a nappy. Just use that and I'll change you later."
    "Oh no. I'm going to wet myself."
    " I've wet myself!"
    "You're getting to old to be wetting yourself,"
    "Let's get that nappy on you before you go to bed"
    "Did you wet your nappy last night"

    All variations of these get my motor started!

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlefyre View Post
    "I'm putting you back in diapers."

    "Only babies wear these diapers. The fact that you can fit into them means you're absolutely a baby."
    These two got me!

    Others would be
    "Do you need to be changed?"
    "Do you want to watch Rugrats, Elmo's World or Blues Clues?"
    "You're not ready for big boy underwear, you're still a baby"
    "You're not big enough for the restroom yet, you need to use a diaper"

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    My wife will actually ask me in the morning, "Do you want to watch your little shows like Dino Train?"

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    Is Mommy's Widdle Boy Wet?
    Let me check your Dydee.

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