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    I had an open mic last night. The café is in West Lynn and that involves me walking from the bus depot/train station to the café and back, which can be really frustrating as Lynn itself is a rough town and there are no public restrooms open late at night. I wore a pull up because I knew that I'd be waiting a while when I got to the depot after my set.

    Here's the link to my blog, wherein the set from last night is contained. I'm not the hot Spartan God some of you would like to imagine, but there you go.

    As usual, I made my exit shortly after this set, as Lynn is not a place I want to get stuck in for very long. At the depot, I was mentally reliving the evening, trying to decide what I did right, what I could improve, etc. The urge to pee didn't strike until about ten minute before the bus got there.

    I don't mess around when I have to pee. I did the controlled burn thing, letting a small stream out every few seconds to give the pad time to absorb the moisture. The bus ride home wasn't as bad as on those nights when I'm desperate, but when I got back to Salem, there was a snag. Sitting on the bus caused my penis to shift and when I let a bit more out a small trickle went down my pant leg.

    "That's gonna cost me," I thought.

    So I spent a few minutes walking home with another desperate urge building up. When I was sure I was relatively safe from gawkers, I tried to reposition my penis as best as I could and I let out a little more, slowly this time. It took off the edge a little bit and I had a flicker of hope when I saw a port-a-potty in Salem Commons. Of course it was locked.

    I made it home without fuss and the release was worth the wait.
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    Id definitely try abena. M4 are great since theyre still plastic backed. I use depends w/tabs(the actual plastic backed diapers) sometimes and I wouldnt trust those beyond 1 wetting, without leaking. Abenas have saved my bladder plenty of times, especially on the trips to boston with my friends.

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    Try it now.

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    Eh, I don't even trust the Depends with tabs for even one wetting. I've had them leak on the first one before (and not even a big wetting either).

    The thing I've never really go with Depends is they have all of these wonderful ideas (like the three tapes for example on the Depends Protection with Tabs) just that they are implemented poorly (the tapes on said tabs suck to all hell) and the diaper that they are attached is so abysmally subpar it isn't even funny. I really wish Depends would just start making actual premium diapers. They have a large enough market that they could afford to switch over to making much better diapers and still be able to be profitable.

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