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Thread: Where can you get pads as big as diapers

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    Default Where can you get pads as big as diapers

    Where can you buy pads , liners or boosters that are the length of a diaper? I have seen them in videos and pictures

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    Hello Buddylee,

    You can take a look at this site:


    They have some boosters. That is what they are actually called, so any search on google for adult diaper boosters should yeald a bigger number of places to order from.

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    Hi, Buddy. I'm betting you're asking about pads you can wear in place of diapers. Am I right? Ones you place inside snug-fitting underwear or fixing pant? Both Tena and Medline make things like that, but I'd recommend the Medline versions, since they have leak guards. They come in a few sizes, so you can choose the ones that fit you best here: MoliForm Soft Incontinence Liners | Medline Industries, Inc.


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    I just want a pad you can use in a diaper and is the length of the diaper.

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    XP Medical has them, they are the XL Booster and the 2XL Booster. ATN also makes them too, I've seen them available at Cheap Chux. Bambino also has some pretty long ones too. The XP Medical and ATN ones are more anatomic and are more than just a long skinny pad.

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    Abena have a range of pads. The Abri-Let Maxi is probably the size you want -- 16 x 61 according to this:

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    That would be the 2XL Booster from XPMedical. It's the biggest pad they have, measuring in 27 by 11 inches. It'll cover the entire surface area of padding on a medium diaper.

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    Molicare had a super plu style pad, same size as the nappy. not sure of name orry.

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    I use the 2xl from northshorecare in all my night time diapers, but I don't unfold the wings. They hold quite a bit more than the abena ones of a similar size.

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