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Thread: how long do PUL Pants lasts, after daily washing?

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    Default how long do PUL Pants lasts, after daily washing?

    I need to purchase some plastic pants, I am looking into GaryWear from the Website LL Medico.

    They have Vinyl pants and PUL pants, for their Vinyl pants they state that it can last for years with proper care. However, for PUL pants they don't tell about its life.

    Those who have used PUL Pants, how long did it last for you?
    I will be washing them daily, and how long can i expect them to last?

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    I guess it depends on the quality of the material, how well they are made, and how you care for them. I wash mine in cold water and hang dry. The drier can be quite hard on them.

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    I rinse my plastic pants out every morning (only wear cloth to bed) and hang them to dry. I have five pair that I rotate through, so it's not the same pair every night. They get washed in the washing machine once every two or three months, and then hung to dry instead of being put in the dryer. With that said, the five pair I have are several years old, and I've only seen one of the pair starting to show wear in the form of a crack in the plastic at the waistband where it is constantly accordion-ed due to the elastic stretching and contracting.

    The plastic pants I have been using are these: KINS Adult Polyester Pull-On Pants 10200P They say they are machine washable and dryable, but I tend to avoid it to make them last as long as possible.

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    I swear I saw something that said the GaryWear ones would be good for 50 or 100 washings? Maybe I'm imagining it or maybe it was on the instructions that came with them. At any rate, I have 5 pairs of them and none have developed any flaws yet. I don't have a reason to wash them after every use since I rarely leak past my diaper. They do say to use NO fabric softener so I don't and I wash them pretty much by themselves so that zippers and the like can't tear them. I really like them, too.

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    ^ yeah, I saw that too...on eBay...that's why I am asking...but they were the distributor-specific instructions...GARY has not mentioned anything like this...

    The problem here is that, we don't have plastic pants here in my country, I am gonna buy it from US and have them shipped to my country...that is gonna cost me around $80-$90 for two pair of pants...if they only last 50 washing, then this would be so, expensive.

    I'll have to wash them daily, because I don't wear a diaper...I wear a regular underwear, I have a liquid discharge from my anus, which in summers combined with sweat, seeps out the underwear..and sometimes stains my outer pants(Sorry, if I gross you out)...I just want to avoid would be worn over a regular underwear

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    Where do you live, if you don't mind. I find it heartbreaking a country with an internet connection has no plastic pants. If this is the case, we should rally!
    Anyway, I have some Gary PULs that have never leaked. They've been machine dried, I'd guess, 9 times. The rest of the time I air dry in front of a fan (side this a bad practice? ). I have a pair of high back pants from babykins, I assume they are vinyl. They have developed tears after 20 uses, but that has to be because of user error. Must be the fan drying? Or diy dish soap? Anyway, I bought two more pair. Can't do cloth without em. I want high back PUL, but can't afford them. There are ways to repair. Just Google "repair .material type here.".

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