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Thread: Bad batch of tender

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    Unhappy Bad batch of tender

    Well I seem to have gotten a bad batch of tender's.

    A number of the nappies have the tape stuck to the back of the nappy which makes them useless.

    That coupled with the fact that the tapes pop off the nappy for no frigging reason. I am very careful about putting them on.

    Take my time etc.

    The worst thing about this batch (never purchased or used them before) is that the leg guards actually start to roll at the very edge of the plastic and end up getting so tight that it is actually cutting into me.

    I have the bottom tape as close to the edge of the nappy as it can go to try and combat this but it is still happening.

    I have read the reviews others have posted with regards to this brand on this site.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    They are also NOT a good nappy for a person who sleeps on their side as I do. Even with plastic pants the nappy leaks out of the top.

    I may well have hit the jackpot and also got a faulty batch of plastic pants as well.


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    Hello Justo,

    That would probably not work out very well. They happen to be a nasty company to deal with.

    They charged me a rural delivery fee when I am in the same city as them and it states on the postal website and a number of other courier company websites that it is NOT a rural delivery area.

    They ignored me also when I told them that it was not a rural delivery area and that I had double checked with the head of the courier company that they used that I happen to know personally.

    They also sent the parcel non signature which was against my instructions.

    At least they did actually make it impossible to see the contents of the package. They have lost a customer.

    I might have to pay an additional $30 with another company but the freight is free.

    Thanks for your reply.


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    If it wasn't about nappies I'd say contact consumer affairs or in your case New Zealand consumer affairs. but Australian Consumer Laws still cover you in NZ. I just don't like big companies getting there way.

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