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Thread: Roller Coasters

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    Default Roller Coasters

    Anyone like coasters? If so, list your faves, and why they are.

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    I hate heights, but I did go on one when I went to world expo in Brisbane in 1988 or it might have been 1987.

    I actually ended up closing my eyes after the first terrifying tameish first drop. I was at the front of the roller coaster and boy did I scream. I was not the only one either.

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    Cedar Point in Sandusky OH. Try them. Enough said.

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    Rode them all at 6 Flags in Cali, near Ventura... had a blast, favorite was Superman and the Riddler's Revenge (front standing seat), but I love speed anyhow! Would love to go to Cedar Point, a tad far away though, maybe 1 day...

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    I have ridden on a few in my time and they are all good. But my favorite one is a Knox Berry farm. Of course as soon as I read this thread I knew which one I like the most but can not think of its name. Its short and you leave your lunch back at the loading platform. You go from 0 to 65mph in a few seconds then do a 360 and run up the run off ramp hang for what seams like for ever 90 degrees to the ground then run through the loop again backwards. Go through the station and up another run off ramp hang again 90 degrees facing the ground this time. Then you go down to the station and they stop you suddenly like when you took off so that your lunch is now on the back of the seat in front of you. Then they expect you to get up and walk off casually.

    I wish I could remember its name!

    I just remembered the name.

    Mona Zuma Revenge.
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    My favourite ride is nemesis at alton towers in the uk. Already ridden it 8 times this year. And the smiler is a really close second and after the 14 inversions I just can't stop laughing. I really like sheikra at busch gardens in tampa and can't wait to go again next year....

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    My favourite ride is Air at Alton Towers (UK), It feels like your are flying.

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    Air is boring :P especially after riding nemesis in the dark. Even the run away mine train is better. Choo choo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tampa View Post
    Air is boring :P especially after riding nemesis in the dark. Even the run away mine train is better. Choo choo
    Been on nemesis but not in the dark, maybe its more fun in the dark. However i did stay up all night before going to Alton Towers. :P

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