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    Hi, everyone.

    I created this account quite a while ago; I guess I should bring it out of inactive lurker status sooner or later.

    I'm a wildlife researcher living in Alaska. It's kind of a dream job for me; I get to spend long periods in the wilderness studying animals in one of the most amazing locations I can think of.

    My interest in diapers is hard for me to define even to myself; it's something I've worked hard to keep hidden most of my life. I'm mainly here to read about how others have dealt with similar situations. Maybe I'll get up the guts to participate in some discussions. Reading others' thoughts on various products is nice too.

    My other interests are pretty much anything science related, solo outdoor activities (camping, bird watching etc). and just generally being a hermit out in the woods (as long as it comes with net access).

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to participation here.

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    Hi Rangifer, and a very welcome back!! I thought for 20 years that being ab/dl was wrong!! I honestly thought i was the only one!! I have not only learned its not only ok but there are many alot like me!!

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    Welcome back and very interesting re-introduction. Your job does sound amazing, and one that a lot of others might dream about. Yeah....about diapers. It took a long time for me to accept this part of me, but I've made peace with it and now just enjoy it. I think this site is very helpful for bringing a sense of peace to something that most of us can't change.

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    Welcome to the forums. rest assured that you are far from the only one!

    Mind you, I know how you felt. My 'interest' dates back a long way. I'm really only discovering who I am now that i'm on this site. Oh how I wish that I had access to this 30 years ago, it would have saved so much anguish...

    Now is the time to interact with the forums and come out of your shell. It's hard but oh so worth it!

    As to the job - COOL!

    An envious DLE...

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    So exactly what wildlife species are you researching? I don't suppose "they" even give you a second glance when you're diapered, right? I'm betting it is spectacularly beautiful where you are! Is it "dangerous", too?

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