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Thread: ABDL diaper with smurfs

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    $ 219.00 for a case of diapers is crazy no matter what characters are on them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    $ 219.00 for a case of diapers is crazy no matter what characters are on them!
    Wow! That's a crazy price! About a tenth of a cent per diaper?! With free shipping too?! Surely some mistake!

    Huh. If I had the space to store 200,000 diapers, maybe I'd be interested in setting up shop!

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    Those numbers have probably been copied and pasted over from alibaba. Usually quantity indicates their production capacity, not the quantity you actually get.

    Someone's bought them within the past hours from that seller. I probably wouldn't do it if I didn't know what I was getting, as your chance of getting a refund from Alipay is basically zero.

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    Very cute, but too expensive for me.

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    Link dead or is there another link known?? Anyone save a jpeg of what these looked like, curious to see? Post here or send to inbox would be appreciated.

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    The case is 80 diapers in case anybody was wondering. Bit dear if you ask me.

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