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    does being a diaper lover make you a lot more open minded? like you think things like "I'm weirder then that so whatever." or even "I can top that."

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    I use the argument that there are weirder things out there than what I am doing and at least I'm not hurting anything or anybody. I wouldn't say I am more open minded because of my fetish, it's just the way I was raised by my parents, to be accepting of everything and everybody.

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    I think it does tend to make most of us more accepting of others who engage in activities that society would frown upon. It would be hypocritical to say that someone with a shoe fetish is weird when what we do is perhaps a little more strange. Sometimes our members will make comparisons between being gay and liking diapers in terms of acceptance. There are differences in that loving someone of the same sex is by its nature, something that eventually will become public knowledge as you would be seen in public with your partner.

    Wearing diapers is usually done behind closed doors so no one has to know our inner feelings and desires. Still, there is a commonality in that society has been critical of anyone who does not fit the norms of the clear majority. Not being accepting of those outside the norms when we are way outside those norms would to me, be worse than hypocritical. If we can't support all of those who fall outside the majority, who will? This of course assumes that those of us who are different, obey the laws of the land and aren't offensive or harmful to others.

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    Definitely, IF you have intellectual honesty. There are those that justify what they do by vilifying others...

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    Me personally, no. But I do definitely see it as a potential gateway into such.

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    In my case: Probably. I can recall quite a few instances where my first reaction to a person was "that's pretty... odd." (And some less-nice things than "odd.") And then, upon reflection, I realized that their thing/issue/whatever was probably no more odd from my angle than my wearing diapers would be from their angle.

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    I would say that I alway was open. Minded, but then I look at the adjustment I had to go through to accept myself. I'd say I'm a whole lot more open minded as a result of that transition.

    Now it is really a case of those in glasshouses dare not throw stones!


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    While i am very open minded and i have said "i can top that" i know there are far worse and far weirder things than DLism.

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    Yes, it makes me more open minded. But I already am a whatever floats your boat kind of guy, so...

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    Since I started wearing adult nappies in my 30s 24/7 I started to feel that I was less in a position to judge other people for any weird quirks they may have.I would say that it has made me more open mined,but only slightly as I was always very open minded anyhow and never really judged people for things.As somebody who has frequented adult fetish clubs in London I dare say I have always been open to taboo things.

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