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    Hey again! Does anyone know what the difference between normal Abena diapers with a plastic back VS Abena premium diapers with their cloth backs is? What I'm looking for is, what do you all personally prefer? Is Cloth better than plastic? As for what diaper I'd be using, it's going to be both Abena M3s and Abena M4s. Thanks in advance!

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    Both have their pros and cons.

    Plastic Backed Pros: Crinkly,

    Cons: Hot in summer, loud, tapes tear the plastic, bunches

    Cloth backed Pros: Not as hot in the summer, won't tear when tapes are redone or taken off, more discreet, won't bunch as easily.

    Cons: Not crinkly.

    I personally like the plastic backed, but they suck extremely during the summer as you will fill the diaper with more sweat than other bodily fluids. Plus I like the feeling more than the cloth. Why not do a sample pack of both? then decide for yourself which one you like best. Because no one knows better than you.

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    Last time I tried cloth like Abena when they started making cloth like ones, they smelled more when I peed in them. This was back in 2007 so I don't know if it has changed or not.

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    Okay, I'll definitely look into both of them. From what I'm hearing I think I'd personally prefer the plastic backed ones. Thanks!

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    they are the same diaper, just a different covering, and the tapes on the cloth backed have a little strip of rubber to help with stretching and flexing, i think performance wise they are nearly tit for tat, with the plastic maybe having slightly better leak protection, but not enough to really matter, obviously the plastic ones will transfer smell easier, though its not that bad and a plastic backed will smell too if you move around and as your pee ages, but for some people this is a plus, i like the smell of my pee, and a wet diaper has a very unique smell that cant be gotten anywhere else. I have used an entire pack of cloth M4 and most of a pack of cloth S4, and several packs of plastic M4, i cant decide which i like more, they both have their ups and downs. I think ill stick with both.

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    There are far more cons to cloth-backing than the previous posts pointed out. Cloth-backs are devoid of crinkle, yes - but the bigger deal-breaker is that these diapers stretch over time and will never give you that everlasting snug fit, as the sides will always be expanding and cannot tolerate pressure. Sometimes cloth-backs even rip apart or the tapes pop off their base (haven't tried Abena cloth in particular but this has been my experience with almost all cloth-back). There is also the issue of moisture permeating through the surface of the diaper. When a cloth-back gets wet enough, the pee will almost certainly leak through the exterior, unless it's a "cloth-on-plastic"-exterior diaper. Finally, there's the agonizing chafing of the cloth surface against the inside of your pants that is the ABDL equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Smooth plastic feels so much better under clothes. If you don't plan on wearing these out under clothes, that won't be an issue, but in my opinion cloth-backs should be avoided at all costs, no matter how high of quality they claim to be.

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    Having tried both, I don't care for the "cloth-like" at all. I don't like the way the cloth rubs against my clothing. When the diaper is wet and starts to sag a little I don't like the feeling of the cloth rubbing against my inner thighs. I much prefer the smoothness of the plastic back.

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