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Thread: Memorable Messes

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    Default Memorable Messes

    I guess this would be more aimed at those who don't get to wear too often, but it could be for the 24/7 people too.

    Any messy diapers that stuck in your mind? Was it what you were doing, how big it was, or who changed you?

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    Oh yes! And for all three reasons that you mention above. This forum isn't keen on graphic descriptions of messes, so I won't describe the ones that were memorable for their size and bulk, except to refer to the incident I wrote about in my blog that happened in a shopping centre and seemed like it would never end.

    There were some very special moments sharing first diapers, first wets and messes with my GF. The first time I filled my nappy in front of her, she had actually put me in the nappy knowing I needed to do a poo, so it wasn't going to be an unpleasant surprise for her. But by the time I had finished and she commented on the smell, I started to wonder if I had made the right choice. Once I was lying on the changing mat I was truly scared she would be so disgusted that it would jeopardise our relationship. But she was brilliant, cleaned me up carefully and gently, soothing me and telling me what a good girl I had been to have such a full nappy. A similar sort of scenario played out when she first dirtied in front of me a few days later. We had many happy, smelly, messy times together but few so memorable as that first guilty squat-and-push!

    The first one I did in a public place was quite a thrill at the time, but that has faded now I'm wearing 24/7. I usually have two messy nappies a day, the morning one at home or in my hotel if I'm away, the afternoon / evening one sometimes out and about. It all seems quite routine now and nothing to be embarrassed about.

    I spent some time working on an airtight, 100% smell-proof nappy that could be soiled anywhere, anytime without anyone knowing. It had one proper field trial with complete success, although the difficulty of achieving perfect, reliable sealing against the body meant it was not going to be an everyday thing. It merits more development because the ability to pass solid waste whenever I fancy, even in company, is very enticing. The trial outing was one of the top 5 memorable messes because it happened in the checkout line, which might sound promiscuous but I knew from extensive testing that there would be no smell whatsoever. I was still in the process of using the nappy while handing over my cash etc, an unforgettable multi-tasking first!

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    I wouldn't mind if you elaborated on this smell proof configuration.

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    One of my more memorable messes would be one of my first. Back when I was 18, I met another AB locally from online. He was older, and my first meetup.

    Going to hang at his place, he gave me an Abena M4 to try, thus introducing me to the world of premium adult diapers.

    Before long, I felt nature's call. Back then I wasn't diaper trained so I had to go sit on the toilet. Five minutes later, my very thick diaper was full. I went back out to his computer where I was browsing the Web. Ten minutes later, he comes in and asks if I'm messy. I nod sheepishly, thinking my time in my messy diaper is over.

    "Well you're about to be even more messy. Get up." he says.

    I stand up, he turns me around, stretches the back of my diaper out, and slowly pours a tall travel mug of warm water in. Then he gives me a firm pat on my bum and sits me back down. I felt so naughty!

    I stayed in it another hour, and since this was one of my first visits, we hadn't gotten familiar enough to the point where he changed me, so I took a shower myself. Still very fun, and very memorable.

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    Traveling one time. I was in Virginia coming home from
    College. I normally travel padded and was glad I did. I just ate and felt a grumble when I was getting gas in my car. Then, "plop" in my pants. I felt the warm mush fill my diaper full. I walked in and bought some snacks and drink for the drive, walked out and sat down. The smell was terrible! I regret the smell. I stayed padded for about a half hour to and hour until I was able to change.

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    I'll never forget my first Abriform X-Plus (they still weren't called M4 back in 2006...)

    I was on a road trip through Germany, and had just visited a big diaper shop north of Hamburg. I padded myself up for the night with the X-Plus, a booster, and plastic pants on top. Being the first time I was trying out that combo it was already fantastic on its own: the feeling of finally being properly padded was pure bliss.

    The following morning I woke up early, had a walk through the desert town, and then went back to my camper. The Abena was far still half dry, so a change wasn't needed yet. Besides, I was eager to give it a proper test drive Before leaving, nature called and I filled a bit the rear of my padding... throughout the morning that happened 2 or 3 more times, each time getting squishier. By late morning even the front was filled up and - for how unsanitary it may be - it was a damn great feeling. What most impressed me was that, no matter how much I moved and sat in it squishing it around, it was not leaking even a tiny bit! (I was quite new to wearing anything better than store-brand diapers!) I had another solitary walk in it near the coast, to be honest I'd have stayed in it longer, but I had the decency of cleaning myself up before checking in at the camping I was headed to. This was definitely the most memorable and enjoyable mess I recall so far!

    Actually, another interesting episode happened during the same road trip, with a Molicare I had filled up in a similar way... I was already messy when I stopped at a rest station to get some water for my tanks and I noticed a small dribble coming from the water pump of the (freshly restored) engine. It was just a tiny hole in the aluminum, but before I could do something about it I had to take care of my padding! I left the motorway and found a relatively deserted spot not far from what looked like a school of some sort. I barely had the time to clean up and have a quick shower when two people from the school showed up asking if I needed some help. One of them was already heading to town and was so kind to jump aboard and direct me to a spare parts shop where I got some liquid bi-component aluminum to temporarily mend the pump, but had I been a couple of minutes slower at getting presentable I'd have been busted while taking care of a very messy diaper!

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    Ok, so messing is not really my thing but, I have messed on three occasions. The first two were fairly forced and really not that great also a bit on the hard side to stand any chance of being fun. I've made do with oatmeal when I have felt that urge. However the third time...

    I was off work for a few days and had worn 24/7. Discrete pull ups if I was out, something much better while at home. Any way, I had not consciously been avoiding going for a number two but when the rumblings started, it occurred to me that I had not been for some time. The Molicare I was wearing had been soaked a couple of times so there was a little room to manouvre at the back due to a slight sag. So I decided to ignore the urges and see where it went. About an hour later, I was getting quite needful so I stood up and nature took its course. Rapidly. Took me quite by surprise!

    Previously I had only managed to squeeze one smallish and hard 'offering' out. This time, it never ended and was squishy. It was clear that I had fairly filled the available space. 'Oh well', I thought 'In for a penny and all that' so I went and sat down and fidgeted for a while. Yes there was a bit of smell but not too bad. It felt great!

    Almost worth the clean up. Almost. It went EVERYWHERE inside the diaper. Right round the front etc. Not a nice clean up.

    So, I like the sensation but I'll likely stick to oatmeal to simulate in future.


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    I would definitely say one of my most memorable messes would be my first. I had used the marshmallow trick and sat over the toilet. A while later I felt it work its magic and felt such relief. It wasn't a big mess, but felt good when I sat back down. I stayed in the diaper for a while after.

    Another memorable mess would be the day when I had the house to myself. I had enjoyed having little time and had thick padding on. I had really wet my diaper and I wanted to poop. So I went into the bathroom and went. It was a small mess, but it was still good. I had a lot of fun that day.

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    I thought it was a rather good one. I agree with the OP that there are certain factors that can turn a messy nappy from an everyday pleasure into an occasion to remember. For those of us who mess regularly, it's usually enjoyable and satisfying but unremarkable. Every now and then something happens to heighten the experience, whether it's what you produce in the nappy, where or when it happens, who you're with etc. During my current session of 24/7, I've soiled maybe 200-250 nappies. Of those, there are two or three I'll be able to recall years from now, which I think makes them worthy of the title 'Memorable Messes'.

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