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    Hello everyone.
    so with the guidelines covering the basic 4, this is my introduction:

    I'm an aussie with aspergers in a small country town.
    I work in a small computer shop diagnosing pc/laptop faults and a little
    retail. My strong-suit is logic and reasoning.

    so why am i here?
    Categorically speaking i'm a DL (diaper lover)
    Plastic backed have always been the favourite but also ones rated for high absorbency. I do enjoy some of the arts portrayed in diaperfur/ furry fandom culture.


    First and foremost i'm tech savvy
    My Choice of music/genre: 70's 80's, 80's metal and rock
    ( to give you an idea)

    collecting and listening to vinyl music from the 70's/80's
    I collect and play retro video games and consoles.
    retro pc gaming.
    vintage pc's.
    gardening with succulent plants
    collecting and selling a variety of things at the occasional market.
    recycling scrap metal

    What am i looking for from this site?
    i do like the occasional story.
    the ability to read, learn, support and share information on topics.

    What would i like to do here?
    um, to try to socialize and better understand my um..kink.
    learn a few things and be open-minded, maybe contribute in some way.

    so.....without further ado any questions?

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    Welcomesjm1225! With such a wonderful and complete introduction, it's hard to come up with any questions, so enjoy your time here. There are many other Aussies here who will welcome you even more!

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    Welcome. Thanks for the music link. Right up my street. Listening now from the UK. Try 'The Arrow' for something slightly more chilled -

    Great intro. I had an employee with aspergers some years back. One of the best people I ever hired! OK, the relationship took a while to build but when I moved on, I was sad to not be working with him anymore.

    As to understanding your 'kink', welcome, you are in the right place. We are, on the most part, kind, understanding and supportive. Read the archives and dive in to the current topics.

    I'll see you around in the forums!


    - - - Updated - - -

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    Hi and a very welcome!! great intro !! the more we learn about each other the better the trust. I am sure you will enjoy ADISC as much as i do!!!

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