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Thread: Picturing your friends in diapers.

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    Lightbulb Picturing your friends in diapers.

    Just out of curiosity, have you guys ever pictured or felt as though some of your friends would look good in diapers?

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    I do this all of the time...namely my female acquaintances...just saying'....

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    Sometimes casually. Like what would a friend look like in diapers.
    Other time seriously. Like am I missing out on having a real life AB friend?

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    No, i never thought of it that way. Maybe because I feel my diapers are personal to me, and many of my friends would freak.

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    Had a dream about it last night, actually. I'm on vacation and sharing a bed with my best friend. Dreamt that I woke up and there he was next to me with his diaper creeping up and over his waistband.

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    When thinking about my friends I'm usually just thinking about how they would react if they found out.I'm sure one of them would be freaked out.However sometimes I wonder what they would look like in a nappy.I wonder that about both men and women.

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    Far too personal for me... I think that many of the people I know would run a mile!


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    Only females tho.

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    Only once, to someone who had seen me in a diaper, I asked if she wanted to try, she turned down

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