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    I just saw this earlier today and am pretty excited. I've wanted to see a Sci-Fi Civilization game for a long time. I really like the Alien aspect they discussed near the end, where you could potentially rile up them up to send them at someone you don't like. It wouldn't declare war on them, but as they said could cause them to interact diplomatically with you.

    What are everyone's thoughts on this? Anyone as excited as I am haha?

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    I love the Civilization series, so I can't wait to see what else they could show us.
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    sounds like it might be interesting.
    there are some civ games i didn't like, but if they do it right, this could definitely be a fun variation.

    thing is, i always have a hard time deciding what kind of win to go for, and end up taking over the world. >.<
    if the different ways to play this game that they talked about happen, and they affect what advances in tech you discover, it could definitely make for a unique experience.

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    I've never played a Civ that I didn't sink hundreds of hours into - even the first one a billion years ago. I've probably only invested 30 or 40 hours in Alpha Centauri, many moons ago, but I remember it as a perfect experience, and a record breaker with the reviewers of PC Gamer at the time. This new game sounds like it's another great one, and I'll be paying full price for it, as I try to do with the most important games.

    On a related note though, perhaps more earth shattering news today - Civ V can now be played in SteamOS... I'm very quickly running out of reasons to stick with Windows. I was wondering what was up when they were very obviously showing screenshots of Civ V all over the place - folks were saying it was to show how the streaming tech works. If Firaxis embraces Linux and is successful there, the bigger players will finally take notice.

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