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Thread: The power of the words "Wet Yourself"

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    Default The power of the words "Wet Yourself"

    There's something powerful about the words or phrases involving wet pants.

    So many of my memories involve the question being asked, "Have you wet your pants?" Or "Why/when did you wet yourself?"

    Not just memories of grown ups either. Memories of playing with other kids and someone said " I just wet myself!" Or "So-and-so wet his or her pants today."
    I remember my aunt calling my cousin over while we were playing and asking matter-of-factly "Did you do a wee in your knickers?," my cousin denying it, and my aunt putting her hand under my cousins dress to check, and finding wet undies there. It was no big deal. She would just remove my cousins panties, dry her legs, and get her to step into a new pair so we could keep playing.

    As a teenager, I was at a friends place one day and his 7 and 6 year old brothers were playing outside in the front yard, both wearing old grey school shorts, and both with big wet spots covering the front. Even though these kids were to old for that, they didn't care in the slightest. Neither made any effort to hide it, and were even running up and down the street playing. Both kids kept grabbing themselves and checking out the damage, but were completely unconcerned by it.

    When we went inside, my mate told his mum"The boys need clean pants again!" His mother just sighed and looked out the window. She then went and got a towel and dry undies.

    She went to the front door and yelled out "Have you two wet yourselves again? Come here now and get changed!"

    The boys ran up to the front door, and while standing outside on the step, she just removed their pants, dried them, and put clean underpants on them. The older boys undies had a big poo stain in them as well, but that wasn't mentioned. She told them that they weren't going to get new shorts, because she was sick off changing them, and they would have to put up with wearing just underpants. They didn't care, just ran off to keep playing.

    I was only there for another hour or so, but when I left the younger boy was wet again. I asked my mate later and he just shrugged and said "They always piss their pants!"

    But I digress.

    I just find that reading or writing the words is fun, but actually hearing somebody say them out loud really gets a reaction from me!

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    I love stories like this one. Those words stir up such strong feelings and emotions for me, I just wish some one had once asked me that question and I wish that I had wet my pants as a young person. I still live in hope to find someone who will ask me the question and I can say YES!.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    Yeah, sure...
    Oh, Uncle Paul...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins View Post
    Oh, Uncle Paul...
    I assume that's a reference to something and I shamefully didn't get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomethingNotTooDark View Post
    Yeah, sure...
    What part of soggyboy's stories seem far-fetched to you?

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    Well I really don't mind if you believe it or not, but it is a true story.

    That's the point of the story, that hearing the words spoken bring back memories. I seem to recall just about every incident involving wet pants in my life. My interest in the topic stems from childhood, and I can't figure out why. I was never traumatised or punished for an accident, yet the fascination has always been there, and strongly too.

    But hey, even if it is fictional, I enjoyed writing it!

    I've been posting a few other story/memories lately. Please feel free to comment on any of them. Any feedback is appreciated!

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    I can remember when I was 6 and would play with a neighbor who was also 6, that his four year old brother would deliberately wet his pants. They had a new baby in the family and sometimes the next youngest will do this wanting the attention that the new family member is getting. I can remember that I wished I had the courage to wet my pants, but I knew I would have gotten a spanking. My mom was big on spanking.

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    Well, I don't have any memories yet, but all the wetting threads make my heart race and I can't wait to read the next post.

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