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    How many has this happened to you? I left a game alone for a few hours so my (This is off of SA2B=Sonic Adventure 2 Battle) chao could hit age 5 and die to reincarnate. But then all of a sudden a man we live with cut the power off and I lost 4 hours I cannot get back, I know I can re-do it but that wasn't the point I told the man I was going to be out here all-day and he said he didn't know when he cut it, he wanted to watch TV but did not think. How many or much have you lost time before when you were playing a video game?
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    That sucks, why did they cut the power off? I remember having to leave the gamecube on for some unlockable in Super Smash Bros Melee. This happened to me when I was playing Dragon Warrior II, I had been grinding for a good 2 hours and a thunderstorm knocked the power off. It made me so mad, I quit playing the game for a couple of weeks. To this day, I'm scared to play video games during thunderstorms.

    I'm pretty sure it's happened to me tons of times while playing Pokemon, back when you had no warning of your batteries dying. Well, a lot of the time your Gameboy power light might flicker but I would take my chances and not waste time to save. Which ironically ended up in a lot of wasted time.

    And I most definitely remember having a screwy SNES power port that you had to wiggle to get to work, and it seemed like the slightest touch would set the console off. It happened once when I got to the cake boss in Super Mario RPG >>

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    My dad likes to watch me play games so he can catch the story and we sometimes take turns. Back during my first run through of the first Dead Rising game, I called it in for the night near the end of the game and woke up next morning to see him playing it because he wanted to see the ending. Now, to get the Rank A ending to Dead Rising, you have to talk to Isabella at 10am on the final day before you arrive at the helipad to be picked up from the mall, but he forgot to do that and saved the game past the point of no return. So I had to replay the game from the beginning up to the 70th in-game hour. Every minute in that game takes 5 seconds in real life to pass, and it doesn't count loading screens or cutscenes. Do the math.

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    i remember having to Beat Gran turismo 2 in one sitting because they discontinued PS1 Memory cards and i didnt have one. that feeling when you beat every race have multiple beast cars and you know the second you hit the power button its gone forever

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    I loss time on Pokemon games if i'm dumb enough not to save before a ledendary pokemon capture attempt.

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    Argh! I remember playing "Krusty's Funhouse" on the Sega Megadrive back in the mid/late 90's. There was no way to save game progress on consoles in those days (which seems unbelievable now!).

    After about 12 hours of play, the game crashed and we had to start from scratch! D'oh!

    So the following day(s) we played again till we had completed the whole game. It was probably one of the most fun games I've played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Argh! I remember playing "Krusty's Funhouse" on the Sega Megadrive back in the mid/late 90's. There was no way to save game progress on consoles in those days (which seems unbelievable now!).

    After about 12 hours of play, the game crashed and we had to start from scratch! D'oh!
    Kid Chameleon's the same.
    I've never finished it; hell, I don't think it has an end!

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    I'm pretty sure the original Super Mario Bros didn't have a save function, because I remember it was always a game of how far I could get from the beginning. Eventually I won, but I think it literally took two years.... but to be fair I was only five/six/seven....

    Sometimes I love starting all over again with games. Does anyone else voluntarily lose time? There's something really awesome about starting fresh with all the built up skills and knowledge you've acquired from before. I kind of wish life had that option sometimes...

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    A possible explanation for the power issue: Game systems are cheaply made, and their processors are driven hard. As a result they generate lots of spurious RF.

    If said man wanted to watch broadcast (over the air) TV on any of the lower frequency stations, he would have to kill the power to your game system so it wouldn't interfere with TV reception. Alternately, he could call the FCC and have you imprisoned for a year and fined $10,000.

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