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Thread: Using a diaper / nappy today

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    Default Using a diaper / nappy today

    Hello, I'm Trixy

    For as long as I can remember I have fantasised about wearing (& using) a nappy/diaper...

    Today, with the house to myself for a week, I decided to be brave and went shopping.

    I got a ten pack of nappies, some spotty knickers, some jars of baby food, a dummy and a baby spoon.

    I came home, figured out how to put a nappy on myself, drank 3 pints of water and sucked on my pink dummy while I waited for the first jar of baby food to heat up.

    My word the food tasted disgusting :-(

    Now it's about 8 hours later and I'm on my third nappy! The first two got very wet very quickly. The third got the full result of two jars of baby food and I'm still wearing it now...

    I should probably change it, but it feels so nice... *blushes*

    Trixy x

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    But in fairness I may have overdosed on the water and the milk... ;-)

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    Sitting in a messy nappy is so nice but smelly , wait till you come to clean up !

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    i hope your time alone is super fun, it sounds like it will be

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