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Thread: Holidays and your stash

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    Default Holidays and your stash

    just wondering what do people do with their abdl stuff in your folks home when your away on holiday.
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    Well, if you keep your diapers well hidden in the first place, it's not like your family is going to start snooping around in your stuff when you leave, unless they have some reason to be suspicious. So as long as it's just a vacation, and you're not leaving permanently, I don't see why this would be a problem.

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    If you're over the age of 20 and your family starts snooping around in your room/space when you're gone, you've got bigger problems than where to hide your diapers and such in my opinion, lol.

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    guys im not asking for advise im wondering where you hides yours thats all

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    Well I never leave my house unless I have reason to (i.e. no extended trips), and my parents already know and have vowed not to go into my space because they frankly, just don't want to know. So where I always have my stuff. Under my computer desk in a box with a door/thing in front of it so you can't see the box.

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    Well, I usually keep all my AB stuff at the bottom of an inconspicuous box in my wardrobe, but I keep a few dummies in the drawer of my bedside cabinet for quick access, no one likes getting out of bed to get their dummy, right?

    But when I leave for more than a week my parents gut my rooms, so I just put all of my stuff in an opaque bag and stash it away in my closet.

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    I have the opposite problem as a parent. When my adult kids come to visit and stay over night, I put my diapers and stuff into black garbage bags and store them either in the laundry room, or my bedroom closet. Normally, I keep my diapers in a closet in an unused, guest bedroom because there's more room.

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    I don't change a thing. Under the bed may be considered the worst hiding place, but since my whole bed is stocked with pyrex and frying pans (for future home ownership) no one goes under there because its all junk to them.

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    I didn't really live with my parents beyond high school, although they were still "home base" for several years. As a kid, most holidays involved my parents also, so nobody was left in the house to find my diapers. When I left for college, though, I pretty much threw away my whole stash. The Pampers and other disposables went into the garbage can, and the cloth diapers were returned to the rag bin. It was all I could think to do. At the time, I wasn't expecting to see my bedroom again for about four months (until Christmas vacation), and I figured that just about every corner of my bedroom might be "cleaned" or "reorganized" in that time.

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    i keep my main stash in my trunk, and i keep 1-2 diapers in a pocket on my laptop backpack.
    my paci is kept in the headphone/cd player pocket on my laptop bag as well; with this i don't have to worry about what happens while i'm gone, because there's nothing to find.

    for the other stuff, like my toys/bottle, my grandparents are packrats, and i have plenty of ways to hide them so that even if they are discovered, they don't look out of place.

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