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    Hey guys! this is one of my first post, im pamperednhappy, and i have a question that i thought should be answered by fellow dl's. I leave for vacation on saturday morning, if i went out on monday and bought diapers, and wore them non stop, even to a movie with friends, when i went on vacation id have a lesser control of my bladder? thanks guys!

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    No you shouldn't but if you had a history of bed wetting and potty trained late who knows

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    I doubt it. While your wearing them, due to your subconscious realizing you are wearing and it is ok to release, you may experience a reduction in bladder capacity but it's temporary.

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    sweet. so im doin it. now for the question of the hour. what diapers to buy? currently looking at just going to walmart tomorrow buying some goodnites and order a pack of abri form m4 on amazon for 26 bucks. to much?

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    Depends on many things
    Your size , as some pepole can get away with wearing large baby ones
    Preference either cloth backed or plastic back

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    P/s are you just wetting or are you going to poop them as well?
    Don't forget wipes rash cream and small plastic rubbish bags for dirty ones

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    i fit comfortably in goodnites L/XL i have about a 30 waist so its easy for me. but ive never had a premium diaper and wanted to try one. also thought id be necessary to take to a public outting such as the movies. also ill only be wetting

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    also plastic backed and about 30ish bucks

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