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    Hi all.

    Been a big couple of weeks for me, with accepting this side of myself. I boughtmy first diapers, and have chatted to people, and even told my brother! I sometimes feel very sad though. I suffer with anxiety, and have never had a girlfriend. Sometimes it's ok, but the lonliness does get to me. I wonder if part of the reason i have resisted relationships is because i know i have this kink. I guess i'd like some advisr. I mean, i suppose it's unlikely that i will ever find a mummy/playmate type girlfriend. But if things got serious, i know i would probably need to expose this side of myself. In terms of partners (none ab) have any pf you opened up, and how did it go (i'd love to here possitive and negative), and has anyone kept it secret from their partners, and how has that been? Thank you all for your support in advance. X

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    You're right in that your odds aren't as good as the average guy's. Still, you may not need many successes to hit on something really good. I'd say if you can figure out what you really want, look for ways to achieve that, whether that's joining dating sites, being more active in social hobbies, or just generally being more open to what is already available. It can be hard to get up that gumption if you're happy with your own company but a little social stretching usually doesn't hurt.

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