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Thread: My First Experience - TENA Pants Super M

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    Default My First Experience - TENA Pants Super M

    It's been a long time, but I'm back, and I'm pleased to say that I've finally had my first experience with "realĒ nappies!

    Firstly, a bit about myself. Iím a university student in Australia, I live with my parents, and I've been using very "makeshift" nappies for close to 4 years now. They kinda suck, and I can only do it when my parents are out (too noisy and obvious).

    I recently obtained my driverís license (which you have to be 18 to get in Australia), and bought my first car. I make my own way to/from work, uni, parties, etc. so my parents aren't involved in my life *quite* so much.

    Iíve researched nappy availability at bricks & mortar stores here in Australia (parents will question a large package arriving for me). Iíve found that Chemist Warehouse (CW) stock Depend Mens Fitted Briefs, Tena Pants Plus, Tena Pants Super, and Molicare Mobile Super. A fairly poor selection - theyíre all ďpull upsĒ, not real nappies. But I have to make-do with what Iíve got available to me.

    This afternoon, I got the train from uni back to the local station. Instead of going straight to my car, I decided to finally head into the CW over the road from the train station.

    I quickly located the incontinence aisle, pleased that no one else was in there, and located the pack of Tena Pants Super Medium. I quickly grabbed in and headed to the counter, where a customer was currently being served at the only open checkout. A few seconds later, I hear ďnext, please!Ē. Walking over, I greet the cashier, he scans and announces the total, I pay, the cashier hands me the bag, and Iím out the door. Nary a weird look or single comment made. Stop outside pharmacy, shove pack into my backpack (it only *just* fits). Cross the road, and head to my car.

    Round trip: 3 minutes.

    Wow, that was easy. Easier than I expected it to be, at least.

    Fast forward. Iím home, parents are out to dinner and a movie. Yes!! Undress, open bag, pull out nappy. Spend 5 minutes Googling which way around it goes (green waistband stripe to the back!). Pull it on.

    Oh. My. God.

    Iím on Cloud Nine.

    Ok, so the fit isnít perfect. The elastic could be tighter, but it stays on. A size small probably would have fitted my skinny waist better (Iím 5í 11Ē, 145lb, skinny teenage male), but CW donít stock the small. But itíll work. For $26 AUD for 12 nappies ($2.16/nappy), it will have to work!!

    Wow, the waddle is strong with this one. What a weird feeling this is. Totally different to any of my makeshift models.

    After the thrilling rush of pulling the nappy on, I felt the need to go to the toilet, so I stood up and let go. As I wet, the nappy swells a fair bit to accommodate. If the waddle was strong before, itís much stronger now! SAP is a fantastic technology, the wetness is absorbed very quickly.

    I pull the nappy down, determining that it has capacity for at least another wetting, so I pull it back up and continue studying.

    A couple hours later, I need to go again (I keep a water bottle on my desk). As I let go, the nappy swells even further to accommodate. It looks like this might be its safe limit. Most of the SAP is saturated, especially between the crotch, which is a multiple centimetres thick! The whole thing feels like it weighs a ton!

    I sit back down, feeling the nappy squish and squelch between my legs as the pee is forced to shift around inside. Checking the leg gatherings finds no evidence of dampness.

    What heaven this is. I feel like Iím sitting on a massive, squishy, squelchy pillow!! I continue my studies, slightly distracted by the constant reminder of what Iím wearing.

    The time comes when I feel I need the toilet again. I really doubt the nappy can hold a third wetting, so I head for the bathroom, leaving my clothes in my bedroom as I step into the bathtub. I pull the nappy down, inspecting the SAPÖ looks like the back hasnít been used quite as much as elsewhere, so I pull the nappy back on around the wrong way, and let go for a third time. I feel the back absorb to its capacity, before gravity takes the rest down between the already-saturated crotch.

    Surprisingly, the nappy holds. Just. Thereís no immediate leak, but I can feel that itís beyond capacity. The leg gathers are dry for now, but the nappy sags and slides down my waist dangerously. It squelches as I pull it back up my waist.

    After giving the nappy about 5 minutes to absorb as much as possible, I try sitting down in the bathtub. It squelches in objection as the wetness is forced to move around to accommodate. Unfortunately, I feel a small leak develop at either side of the back of the crotch - just enough to create small wet spots, but not enough to make a mess everywhere.

    Undeterred, I head back to my bedroom, put a plastic bag on my desk chair, a towel over the bag, and sit down very carefully. I resume studying for the next 4 or 5 hours, enjoying the feeling of the extremely thick, extremely heavy, extremely wet nappy around me.

    By now, itís 11pm, and I decide itís time for bed. The towel on my chair is damp around leaky spots, but otherwise ok. I take the plastic bag and stand in it, carefully lowering the soppy nappy. I use the handy tape on the back of the nappy to hold the heavy, soppy, rolled mass together, before carefully tying off the plastic bag and dumping it in the rubbish bin outside.

    Not 2 minutes later, my parents arrive home - what perfect timing!!

    What an amazing, thrilling experience! And I have 11 more to useÖ awesome!!

    This concludes my diary/narrative/review of my first experience with nappies. I hope you enjoyed reading it!
    I hope to remain active on this site going into the future. See you around

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerProgrammer View Post
    Nice. Enjoy the other 11 XD
    I shall :3

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    Ah, the first time thrill!

    Just wait till you get up the courage to go out on one...


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    that was a good story, I was compelled to read to the end!

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    They were my first real diapers too.
    Ah the memories are etched into me forever.

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    Here in Australia, our national postal network recently launched free "Parcel Lockers", where if you aren't home to collect a parcel, you can instead ship it to a locker at a select number of Post Offices.

    Last week, I set one up, and then ordered a sample of the TENA Slip Maxi Medium, just to get a taste of what you all rave about!

    Today, they finally arrived! I collected my parcel and headed home after my exam. Just put it on (took me a bit to get the tapes right, very different to a pull-up or pinning cloth), but oh my god... I thought the Pants were bulky, but these are twice as big and thick. Much wider crotch and higher/wider/thicker padding all around, plus much better looking leg gathers that hopefully won't leak so quickly.

    Can't wait to actually use it... I'll report back soon!

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    What an absolutely riveting detailed description. You give a masterly step by step account and recapture all your first thrills admirably in such a way that I couldn't resist recalling some of my own first experiences. Reading it made me quite excited.

    Your restricted privacy sounds a problem with parents reappearing just as your experience ends, but your country's 'Parcel Lockers' system sounds as if it provides a wonderful opportunity many of us lack. It is something of a pain (and a risk) for many DLs, including me, to have to arrange a 'home delivery' at a time when we are fairly sure nobody else will be around to take it!

    Please keep posting, and good luck with the exams.

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    Sypl, thanks for your comments. I'm glad I could evoke some emotion with my readers in my writing!
    Our Parcel Lockers are quite useful and convenient, and definitely much easier than trying to get stuff delivered at work or home.

    So, I did promise an update regarding the Slip Maxi.
    Unfortunately, I'm somewhat disappointed to say that it wasn't what I expected.

    Perhaps it was my own fault; after all I'm no expert in putting on a taped nappy myself. But I think it fitted well enough; it was snug but not over-tight, and there were no gaps or creases around the leg gathers.

    Despite this, the Slip developed a minor slow leak whilst sitting down, after just two average-sized wettings. This left my track suit pants slightly damp, with two obvious wet spots.

    This represents a regression on the capability of the Pants that I have been using, so I'm tending to think that maybe I hadn't fitted the nappy properly and this was the cause.

    I continued wearing, putting a cloth between me and the chair and putting the trackies in the wash. I later wet the nappy again, which it held just fine. I felt it get heavy and the bulkiness certainly increased significantly, but it wasn't sliding down my waist like the Pants do. This is definitely an advantage of a proper taped nappy!

    Unlike the Pants, however, I didn't feel like it was were quite at capacity, so I continued wearing the nappy, and it continued leaking ever so slowly.

    The next time I needed the toilet, I stood in the bath tub and let go. Unfortunately, it was just a tad too quick - the nappy couldn't absorb it quite fast enough, and I ended up with a trickle down my legs. I think if I had wet slower, it would have held.

    At this point, I couldn't keep wearing it, so I untaped and threw it away.

    Overall, I was happy with the overall size, fit, and feel of the nappy. It was comfortable, warm, and soft. I like the overall capacity, which is obviously much greater than the Pants.

    However, I am disappointed in the leak guards, which sadly let the product down as a whole. I certainly wouldn't wear these outside my bedroom if a second wetting would result in a leak upon sitting down!

    Of course, I am reviewing TENA's Australian product offering, which is a cloth-backed version of the Slip Maxi. I don't believe we've ever had the plastic-backed version, so I can't compare the two and say whether it was the cloth's fault.

    I can say that the cloth had no problem with dampness around the body of the diaper, it was only at the leg gathers (and locking in of moisture by the SAP) that were an issue.
    I do wish I could compare the two, but sadly I wouldn't be able to get access to a US version of the Slips.

    This concludes my narrative/review of the TENA Slip Maxi Medium (Australian cloth-backed version), I hope it was informative and useful.
    As always, comments, questions and feedback are welcome! Please feel free to correct me on spelling/grammar, I'm posting from my phone.

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