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Thread: Guards on Pacifiers to small

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    Question Guards on Pacifiers to small

    Does anyone else feel like there are not very many guards that fit proportionally to a adults face? Even the guard on the nuk 5 seems extremely small to me. I have seen this one German pacifier that was extremely large but it looked extremely like a toy/gag item.

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    Yea I wish nuk made bigger guards that would fit adults but still have all the cute styles.

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    I've seen larger guards for sale on some websites, but they are madly overpriced because of the scale of the 'large adult dummy shield' market. I noticed someone on here recently who used a 3D printer to manufacture large shields but couldn't offer to sell them, but they did provide the 3D model that they used to produce the shield, so you can make it yourself if you have a 3D printer.

    With some stickers and lacquer I imagine you could decorate them with some cute designs as well.

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    Well, has larger than nuk5 pacis for $30

    Not sure if that's in your price range or not...

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    I love the nuk 18m+ paci and agree the guards are small just like the nuk 5 adults ones!! I have not seen a larger one i can adapt to nuk 18m+ or any at all!! I would be the first one to buy one!!! Any of the large shields i have seen or bought are for gags and not rounded to fit like the little ones!!

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    I just go to the baby section, take down all the different kinds of paci, and compare guard size, I found one decently size kind this way.

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    Unfortunately, I don't know that anyone actually makes a guard that would be proportional to an adult's face.
    I know that babypants has a "Nuk 6." It isn't actually made by Nuk but is essentially a bigger version of the Nuk 5, but supposedly not as well made.

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