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Thread: New Depend Fitted Brief

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    Default New Depend Fitted Brief

    I was at Wal-Mart and it looks like Depend has improved its fitted briefs. Maybe it is just new packaging, but the picture of the brief is definately different. Anyone seen these yet?

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    Yeah, apparently they have new gender-specific brands.

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    I've noticed that too, the newest depend fitted briefs do seem to be a bit different than the older style. They seem to be just a little bit more absorbent, but not a lot. I have two different bags of the depend fitted max briefs at the moment (the plastic backed tape on type) and they are clearly different. One bag is the new type in the green bag, but I also have a bag that I recently bought that is an older version that was still in the old red bag.

    From what I can see, the differences are that the newest ones are a bit more absorbent, but the waistband isn't as stretchy as the older style.

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    newest ones are a bit more absorbent, but the waistband isn't as stretchy as the older style.
    Interesting, The new bag makes it look like the new briefs are more form fitting, not less.

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    I haven't seen the new style, but it seems to me that "form-fitting" is a function of the user's form

    My own form doesn't lend itself to that function, my belly getting in the way

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    i just got a new styled package today but theyre unisex ._.
    maybe theyre getting new packaging for exerything?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Of course, Depends would have to be improved a lot just to be even equal to Attends (which is only a medium-quality diaper).

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    All depends would have to do to be equal with Attends, no rather to be better than Attends, would be to increase absorbancy. The fact that depends are so thin is their only real downfall. The plastic, tapes, waistband, design, and breathable standing leak gaurds are all superior. But they are as thin as hell.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That's true. The design of the Depends diaper is actually pretty good, but it WAY lacks in absorbancy.

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    i would like to see them build better fitting leak guards and yes absorb and lock in the wettness WAY WAY better!

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