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Thread: What did they do???

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    Default What did they do???

    I was watching a western movie and i thought i wonder if there was adult babies. I can see someone in there log cabin being diapered. Do you think there was ab then and what did they do??

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    I highly doubt there were, diapers were not exactly the same as what they are today, if they even truly existed. Cloth diapers were not invented until almost the 1900's and disposables were not around till about 1950.

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    In the old West, I'd be willing to bet that they used elimination communication - using timing and the baby's non-verbal cues to figure out when the baby had to go, and getting them to the right place to go. In cowboy times, I'm willing to bet that any resources were valuable, and it'd be tough to waste resources on cloth diapers, except for the wealthy. Cloth diapers existed, but I think it's more likely that some sort of elimination communication was used due to the need for resources.

    So....perhaps there were some cowboys who wistfully dreamed of a mommy figure holding them over the outhouse to do their business? Who knows? I find it amusing to wonder if our interests existed in other times and places, and what they might look like!

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    I find it interesting. I am sure that the first person to have ab feelings was not like in the modern era.

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    I have always wondered how far back people have liked diapers or wanted to be a baby again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glacero View Post
    I find it interesting. I am sure that the first person to have ab feelings was not like in the modern era.

    Quote Originally Posted by mommyslittlewyatt View Post
    I have always wondered how far back people have liked diapers or wanted to be a baby again?
    I've wondered this a lot myself. And I think it's highly likely that people in other time periods have had AB tendencies. The reason I say that is because other, similar 'fetishes' have existed for a long time. Tons of different cultures have had crossdressing in their myths and histories. Sometimes for practical reasons when gender roles were more starkly defined, but sometimes it appears to be more for expressive or even fetish purposes. So fetishes related to clothes and to changing roles have existed for a long time.

    Also, look at the psychological side of fetishes. People here seem to always have stories about why they want to return to babyhood: a bad childhood, the stresses of life, wanting to return to innocence. These have all existed in earlier times too. So the conditions were in place for people to want to return to a safe state. Some people today do that by becoming ABs. Perhaps people did the same thing in earlier times, with whatever objects were associated with babies back then.

    This is all speculating, but I think that people definitely could have been ABs in other cultures. It's something I'm really interested in! Maybe someone with more knowledge of history or anthropology can add to this thread, tell us if this is off base or not.

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    I agree with adventurer. I think that it wouldn't have been all the same, but the goal of returning to a younger state of mind would have been the similar.

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    While I haven't read the books myself and I doubt there's anything dealing with AB content, I am aware of a a history professor who has written quite liberally on the subject of sexuality, gender, and non-standard sexual practices historically in different societies.

    Here's a link to his wiki page: Thomas W. Laqueur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Perhaps someone would be interested in buying the books and reporting back to us if there's anything interesting.

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    I read some where that back in victorian times the wealthy people sometimes had parties where every body dressed up like babies
    some may have dressed up that way in private also

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    Babies were suspended naked by a stick at arm's lengh until they were able to walk on their own. At that point, they went naked from the waist down until they learned to hold it or their little peepees froze and fell off.

    Everyone had dirt floors for a reason.

    Carpeting, tile and hardwood floors were invented at roughly the same time as diapers.

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