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Thread: Pull-ups are too big! Solutions?

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    Default Pull-ups are too big! Solutions?

    Long story short, I didn't read the packaging when I bought some Molicare Mobile pull-ups.
    They're just a little bit too large - My waist is 77cm, Molicare Super Plus (medium) diapers are 70-120cm and fit so darn well :3 ...but the Molicare Mobile pull-ups are 80-120cm. They feel a little too big, and tend to leak very easily - more that I'd expect them to, being less absorbent than the Super Pluses. here's a question: Is there a way I can make these fit better, or are they just destined to be stuffers next time I can buy more nappies that actually fit?

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    Well, Damp, there's always duct tape. You could use it tighten up what needs to be tightened, just don't use so much of it that you can't get the pull-up off.

    But on a more practical note, what are you wearing over the pull-up? I'd recommend some of the snuggest underwear you've got. That should help with the inevitable sagging, though the gaps at the legs, well, not so much.

    You're never going to get a tight seal with these, but I hope one of those two ideas makes them at least usable. I always die a little inside when I have to waste a perfectly good diaper.

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