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    Default Hello world!

    I'm another long-time lurker who finally decided to make an account. I'm currently a university student who is studying technical theatre and loving it! I have a tendency to be a bit bouncy at times and sardonic at others, the latter particularly when I'm pretending to be smarter than I actually am.

    Literally ever since I was out of diapers I've wanted to get back into them, but I definitely don't want to engage in anything 24/7 any time soon. I've always loved being in a diaper and using it, but I'm not too into any regression-type stuff. My boyfriend is also into diapers and accidents, so we have some fun together with that.

    I'm a huge sports fan, and I will watch and enjoy almost any sport imaginable. I'm also, as I mentioned, a huge theatre geek, and while I'm not the type to freak out over Broadway musicals, I love putting on a good show. On the same train of thought, I love music and concerts. And, as some of you might have guessed based on the username, I'm a big Homestar Runner fan.

    I'm on ADISC mostly because it's one of the few communities I've found that is both friendly to diaperfurs and not completely obsessed with the more shall we say mature aspects of diaper wearing. While that's part of the reason I wear, certainly, I also like diapers from a more innocent side, so I'm glad that this place exists where that side can get advice and support. It's entirely possible that this will be my only post and I'll go back to just reading and lurking, but who knows!

    Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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    Tompkins, Great Introduction.

    You are welcome to lurk as long as you like however, posting and interacting with the forums has real advantages. I have gained so much since being here. The love and support of these guys is beyond value in my eyes.

    Also, once you have been here for a week and have 20 posts, you will get access to private messaging which can be useful.

    Has your boyfriend signed up?

    If not, he should!


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    hi, i hope you have fun here and meet alot of new people!

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    Nice intro! Welcome to Adisc. The community is super friendly, though I guess you know that from lurking. Hope you enjoy being here.

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    Thanks for the info, DLE! I actually did not know about the benefits of posting, maybe I'll weigh in more often than I thought.

    My boyfriend is not registered here, and I might attempt to talk him into doing so. However I'm pretty sure he's a bit nervous about letting his DL side have much of an online presence. I was the same way though so I think there's hope.

    Nice meeting the rest of you as well!

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