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Thread: I finally did it...

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    Default I finally did it...

    Its been a long time coming but I finally did it. My wife has known about my DL side for some time and we discussed it about a month or more ago for the first time openly about what I like, etc. She admitted that she once came home and "knew" I was wearing a diaper because my bum looked bigger then It usually did. She was right, and I ended up taking it off before she noticed so I thought. I told her she should have said something! That would have been a turn on for me to have been caught I guess but she said she didnt want to embarrass me. I told her to never do that again and if she ever suspects it, to give my bum a pat and say something cute. She giggled and agreed. We never really talked about it much after that except for a few random texts while she was at work and I was home...I would mention that I was cranky or whatever and she would throw back a "well..go put on your little boy pants and have a nap" Those are always nice to get. I once sent her a text that said I was stuck between bears and blocks (meaning Bambino Teddys and Clissico) and She flat out told me to go with bears because they are cute and cuddly lol. She knows I REALLY want her to give it another try. She did it about 3 years ago, let me diaper her once and she slept in it but made me take it off her to go pee in the morning and she has refused to try it again since. I really hope she will try again..

    Fast forward to last night. She was late coming home from work and I had all but decided that at this point, I was ready to go ahead and just do it. I had a Teddy on, which at that point was 1 or two wettings in so it was wet but certainly not full. I was laying on the couch watching TV, with sweatpants on and a tshirt and a diaper. She never said anything, she even sat beside me. I made a few movements which produced a noticeable crinkle but still nothing.... hmmm. She said ok its bed time as it was late and we both had to work in the morning. Do or die I guess so I just went with it. I followed behind her and by the time I got in there, she had already got undressed and was climbing into ed. I sat beside her and she looked at me and said "yes?" lol I said, super shy like because I was half scared.... "I need some help getting changed" She said "oh?" I said ya... "my bum" She knew exactly what I was saying and she obliged and very cute like said "okie, lets get your shirt off and she helped me with that. I layed on the bed now only wearing sweat pants and a diaper. She pulled my pants off and here I naked wife and me, laying on the bed in just a wet Teddy diaper. This was the first time she has ever seen me in a diaper. I was shaking I was so scared. This is where it kind of went alitttttttle sideways. I was expecting she was going to help me take the diaper off by helping to pull the tapes but she said "you are going to have to do your bum" I tried to get her to help but she wassnt biting. I was alittle shocked.... We had got that far, why not finish off? I wassnt expecting her to put a new one on, I just wanted her to help take it off. Before I eventually took it off and convinced her to put her hand on the front and feel it for a few seconds, just to see what it would feel like and she noticed that it was obviously wet. I grabbed her and got her ontop of me and she was laying on my diaper now. She made a comment about how I was shaking and I said I was nervous. She said I didnt have to be. I was super excited. Anyways.. I eventually took it off and we proceeded to have sex which was the plan all along and we went to sleep after that. No mention of it since then. I am hoping in the near future we can try something similar again Sorry for the long winded story but its a HUGE accomplishment for to be able to do that. Just not sure how to proceed from here. We already have an understanding with each other that it wont be "all the time" .... boundary thing which is cool but I want her to participate so bad. the fact that she wouldnt even touch the tapes to help "change" me was alittle heart breaking after getting that far but maybe she will come around on that part.

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    You wore a nappy in front of your wife, then had sex.Well done.

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    I am so completely envious, Medic. My wife knows about my diaper fetish in theory only. She's never seen me in one and wants nothing to do with them. Ever. If she's warming to the idea, she's certainly never said anything about it to me, and probably never will. You're living the dream, my friend. Enjoy.


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    Hoping some day she will warm up to it little by little and maybe try again herself. See what happens

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    Boundaries are key to any good relationship. Without them, you can be on completely different channels which can cause a major dispute. Taking baby steps (no pun intended) would be my advice. Keep in mind what her needs are and always center around that in conjunction with your needs. Together you can find that happy path of acceptance. I think over time, assuming you take care her of her desires, you can introduce more of what you want. Kind of a risk reward trade off. I know with my wife, who is not into my diaper passions, will be more accepting when I take care of her desires. Once she is satisfied (and this can mean many things to different people), I can introduce more of my interests. This can happen even if she never wants to fully partake to my level, I usually can push a bit and bring her to my next level, over time, slowly. In the end, its the relationship you have with trust and love that will conquer the fear and allow for new paths to be traveled down.

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    Congrats, good for you Just one thing though, if she's not up for it, don't try t get her to do it, she'll resent it.

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    I hear ya. I just wish she would give it one more try. She did it once...3 years ago...while she was drinking. If she tried it once more maybe give it alittle more time, not just before passing out for the night she would be up for it more? Wish there was a way to convince her lol

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    Good for you but remember you are in this for the long run.
    She may tire of your habit eventually perhaps by overdoing it or talking to often about it, so make it more discreet and reduce discussion of this.
    This will enable you to enjoy this forever without a hitch.

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    So its been a week since I first pulled the trigger and wore in front of her. I came home from work last night and I was super stressed and was having a crappy night, couldnt settle and was just restless. I ended up saying screw it and I went to the bed room at a chance of opportunity and put on a teddy and put my sweat pants back on. I came back out into the living room where my wife was correcting tests (shes a teacher) and sat down again. Not sure if she noticed anything or not but she never gave me any sign that she knew and never said anything....I wassnt trying to hide it either. Anyways She finished up and we went to bed. While she was in the bathroom I just climbed into bed, I wet my diaper and pulled the covers over. She climbed in, moved into her spot with her head on my chest and arm across my chest and stomach, where she had to basically move her hand and arm over my wet diaper in the process which she did, and it crinkled loudly. She never said anything and continued to snuggle. I shyly said that I was feeling little and she said "Okie" and never batted an eye at it. I tried to get her to talk about it alittle bit more but we just made a few comments back and fourth about having a fluffly bum and me saying I feel more comfortable with myself etc. She was good with all of this. We changed positions and few times, big spoon, little spoon with my obviously warm diaper resting up against her naked body for most of the night. I said she didnt know what she was missing and said maybe she will surprise me by trying it and she said she tried it before when she was 1 or 2...joking around lol. I asked her if it was happening too much and she said "mmm I dont know, no" so that was good because I dont want to push it. In the morning I had to get up around 0430 for work and she usually sleeps though this but this time she was awake. We cuddled some more. I made a shy comment about having a pee bum and she said "owee no" but try and I might she would not feel it lol. Anyways im not sure how it happened but I ended up sitting on her bum with her face down and giving her a crazy good back rub while I proceeded to pee again with the build up from overnight. She never said anything about the sudden warmth on her bum but I was hoping she would. When it was finally time to actually get ready for work I rolled back over and offered to have her help me such luck... she said she was going back to sleep lol. I took it off and got cleaned up for work. No mention of it since again, same as last time but she is clearly comfortable for it which is awesome. Hopefully some day she will surprise me and try it too. Anyways theres my update.

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    I think you not pushing her to wear is a good thing. She may not like the feeling of it or it may make her feel poorly about herself. It sounds like when you get stressed you want to wear and be treated little, be nurtured. It seems like your wife is understanding that and helping you fulfill that fantasy to an extent. I know you want more, but I would try to focus on the positives right now.

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