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Thread: Who likes being told what they're getting! (brand wise I mean!)

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    Default Who likes being told what they're getting! (brand wise I mean!)

    By this I mean I get an excitable feeling when a nappy brand doesn't beat around the bush (sorry!) and just says on the packet 'diapers'...embarrassment shmarashshment where the buyer is concerned it just says 'diapers' (I'm yet to see it on an English brand if you're wondering). I've seen it written on two brands of diapers that I've bought and used - one of the brands I am going to keep secret but I'm trying to finish a review for them so hold on please...I can save all this by telling you that on packs of Flufsans it says 'diapers' (1. Flufsans are available in the UK 2. I've reviewed them in the past - just search Flufsan review - ADISC on Google). Also on the UK website Drylife (in terms of ordering) it tells you how many nappies you're going to end up with. So, is this something you like, is it much more enjoyable than reading 'briefs' 'pieces' or just 'products' fact I'd even says 'slips' is not an entirely satisfying word to me sometimes and if you know me you'll know I'm a Tena Slip...well...Nut! Tell me your experiences with this (positive for us of course!) outright branding situation.

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    I usually order from a medical supply site based in the UK. The website is organised into categories, with the different types of padding separated into subcategories. Interestingly, they categorise the all-in-one-tape-up style as "Adult Nappies". It does make me smile!

    I also find it mildly amusing that some websites have ABDL terms in the meta tags despite the site making no reference to it. For example, I recently saw a site selling fashion onesies (i.e. footed sleepers). The meta tags included "adult baby", "little" and "diaper". Hmm.

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