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Thread: Coffee Drinkers: What Wakes You Up More?

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    Default Coffee Drinkers: What Wakes You Up More?

    Iced coffee is great, but I find hot coffee has a stronger effect on my brain. Discuss.

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    I've been drinking hot black coffee for years now. Although now I limit myself to two cups a day.

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    I should learn to do that. I've been pushing it with the second pot of a four cup pot.

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    Coffee is my one addiction. I'm up at 5am so after the alarm goes off, I stumble towards the coffee machine.

    I've always said that coffee is the most important meal of the day!

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    Since picking up my job at the local factory I find myself reverting back to my old coffee-drinking ways, keep it hot and keep it black. I don't quite feel ready to work until I have my first cup of black sludge.

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    Caffeinated cookies, oatmeal, steak, milk, coffee, juice, hot dogs, you name it. And you can dose it safely with a sufficiently sensitive scale. $13+shipping for the equivalent of 625 16 oz cans of Monster/Rockstar/Amp/NOS or ~500-850 8oz servings of drip coffee.

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    Ice Coffee is the best drink known to man, but coffee in general is a gift from the Gods. If I had a choice between iced or hot in the morning, I'd take hot though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleman72 View Post
    I've been drinking hot black coffee for years now. Although now I limit myself to two cups a day.
    Eh? Just two?!!!
    You'll never grow up to be a big girl.

    Me? I'm surprised that I don't piss the stuff.
    Occasionally, I have wondered if I'm addicted, but the times when I've not been able to get a brew, it's not bothered me. Many times at work I've drank only water. The main irk for me is more of others interfering with my routine and the things I like; that's when I can get nowty.

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    I drink three or four cups of hot coffee a day. I use one packet of Splenda and some cream into my 8 o'clock Columbian via my Kureg. It's good stuff.

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    I'm pretty sure the amount of coffee I drink rather than the form it takes is the only part that noticeably changes how well it wakes me up.

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