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    Well, as it is somewhat obvious, I am new here and would like to know if anyone has any health issues they would like to share. I personally have had an extensive health history and have been threw more ANYONE should in their lifetime regardless of age. Let me start off by saying I have a neurological genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. It can cause nerve tumors. Which can be benign or malignant. Lucky for me the tumors I have acquired are ALL benign. Unluckily, they are wrapped around nerves that makes them inoperable and can be more painful, especially at different times throughout the day, than malignant tumors. they shoot pain all throughout my body and cause me to sometimes have to stop what I am doing and sit or lay down. I have a lot more I would like to share but I encourage others to share and I will most likely make a blog type deal of my life experience. *PLEASE NOTE* I am not writing this to get people to feel sorry for me, but to educate and show people through all this I live a strong and accomplished life. I would have to say my best and strongest accomplishment through this all is that I have earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

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    I know what you're going through. A family member has neurofibromatosis. Quite painful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleScout View Post
    *PLEASE NOTE* I am not writing this to get people to feel sorry for me, but to educate and show people through all this I live a strong and accomplished life. I would have to say my best and strongest accomplishment through this all is that I have earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

    First: good for you Eagle scout is a long road that takes dedication to make.
    Second: Good for you. It takes courage to standup and talk about health issues and attempt to educate people about the situations.

    Now to answer your question.

    I have a laundry list of health issues and it boils down to one common complaint, Getting someone to listen.

    I have had several incidence that it took multiple trips and complaining to the Doctors to look into it and not just see me as "over weight and test for Diabetes"
    I got my Gout diagnosed by threatening the Doctor with "grabbing him by the lab coat and telling him that I am going to lift my painful knee and you had better hope that it is not all in my head!"
    I went for three years with a low grade prostate infection. I finally became incontinent before they quit checking my for Diabetes.
    One time I made two trips to the ER and was miserable for 10 days. At the follow up visit with my primary she question why they never did a stool sample. Turned out I had Typhois Fasticularis as form of cholera from the Gangues River. I got it from eating clam chowder that was hotter the hell but they added the clams at the last minute then served it with out holding the temp at 160 degrees for at least 5 minutes. Of course they where farm raised clams from India.
    Then because all I ever got told was take some aspirin, lose weight, and if the pain persists for more then three days call us back. I did the standard treatments to deal with my touchy gut pain. I went for a whole month in self inflected misery. I finally could not take it so I made an appointment with my Doctor, and you guessed it "take some aspirin and call use if there is any concerns, we can get you in in three days". On the night of the second day I Finally called them back in the middle of the night because I was so miserable and started running a fever. They sent me to the ER and they ran test. They admitted me because I had an odd mass in the center of my abdomen, but everything else looks fine. Two days later after multiple test and surgeon came into my room and asked me "why are you Alive!?". Then the more we talked we realized that 10 days earlier my appendix had ruptures and all of the test showed that my white blood cell count was normal yet borderline high, the pain was on the wrong side to indicate appendicitis, and I should have been way more sicker then I was.

    So that's my stories. I hope that gives you inspiration. I also hope that you include mental health. Medicine has made some very big advancements in treating and helping with mental illness, but our country is still in the "just laugh at them and they will change" mentality of the 1700's.

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    hi I can have some stuff to list, I grew up with Asthma and my hands shook real bad at times, later when I was 21 I was diagnosed with essential tremor, a few years later the doctor noticed some myoclonus and suspected i was having seizures, I though he was wrong found another doctor and a year later had a grand map seizure in bed, no one believed me, it took 4 more years to prove I had seizures.
    Then in february of 2012 I fell backwards off a stage landed on my ass and really strained my back, by august I was better, by November I was back in shape and I fell off another stage, into an elevator shaft, 30 feet onto my head. Spent some time in a coma, was a serious traumatic brain injury, lost an eye, broke my wrist and shoulder and had to have surgery on the shoulder and my neck had to have a disc removed and vertebrae fused, Im still recovering from that fall, still can't drive, but should be able to soon, been living on beans and far less than I was entitled too, had to hire a lawyer, who gets 30% of settlements, he just got a good chunck of my money from the court finally deciding the workers comp company was ripping me off

    My brain injury has left me with lots of new challenges, my memory is crap, I have cognitive deficits, and trouble controlling my emotions sometimes, most people in the TBI club agree, we died when we got hurt and we were reborn not the exact same person, I feel like a bad xerox copy of an original

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh and while I had occasional bedwetting issues from drinking alcohol, I am now sober but must wear diapers to bed, I don't stress that in court or anywhere, because a little research by the enemies lawyers and they could embarrass me greatly and make it look like I'm just an AB or DL

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