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Thread: Aww SO Cute diapers, Where are you?

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    Default Aww SO Cute diapers, Where are you?

    I live just a State away from Aww So Cute and over a month ago ordered diapers for the first time and I still haven't received them, I even emailed them and no email back. I think they have got to be one of the worst diaper companies when it comes to Customer Service. I will be lucky to even get diapers from them. Anyone had to wait forever on getting diapers from them?

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    Man, what is going on with these diaper companies and lousy customer service? Seems like XP medical is the only one that still gives a damn.

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    Yeah and don't they charge like $10 in shipping for every bag of 10 diapers or something? Kind of ridiculous compared to some other more established companies like Bambino and ABUniverse or XPMedical. I do love the look of those Aww So Cute diapers though...

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    Whilst I personally would not by AB-Themed diapers as its not my thing I can give you some probable insight on the general problem:

    All these tiny "micro-brands" of diapers popping up to cater to a specific niche market face similar business problems:

    1- Acquisition of the goods
    Now most here who have browsed the web for diapers at some point must have stumbled across a multitude of "Alibaba" (and others) listings for chinese diaper companies who can fulfill just about ANY diaper-desire.
    Whilst dealing with chinese merchants is not always easy due to business, culture and language differences (trust me, I've been doing this for some time professionally now) it is not even the main issue.
    The Issue is that for a micro-brand it is always a bit of a gamble on how much items to buy bulk and stock.
    Buying larger quantities will give you better prices, but will invoke a higher initial cost (prepaid) and unless you already have a warehouse at hand, housing costs for the products once shipped to the company.
    Now the investment (initial) is quite massive for a product that will be placed in an absolute niche market that already faces international competition.
    If the business is small to start with (financially) they will NOT be able to keep enough stock to cater to sudden changes in demand.
    Once they're low / out the customers will be put "on hold"... some of the more "rude" companies will take your money and promise you a delivery whilst they know they can not come up with the product on time.
    They gamble on one factor: that basically enough of those "camouflaged" "pre"-orders come in so that they can actually offset the cost for the next shipment.
    I guess most of those tiny micro-businesses are financially too stretched after the Very first one or two shipments to keep paying for the product to be in-stock at their location just to be ready to deliver on time.
    The problem is, once customers become "pissed off" its usually the downfall for most businesses.

    2- Storage, Distribution and Business Process Management
    Most people who start out wit ha business simply have no realistic clue as to get things done.
    How to place products, how to do customer acquisitions, how to drive sales, how to do the entire business administration (books, etc.)...

    3- Income vs. Realistic Expenses
    Whilst the margin on the specific product is quite dramatic if you compare it to the very lowest possible bulk prices the manufacturer gives you, I guess most micro-businesses in that kind of niche game make a few big mistakes at first:
    Cost vs. Real Sales Income.
    Infrastructure (if as simple as a small sub-rented warehouse storage, packing station, labeling, computer, printer, etc...) this all costs money, by the month.
    Website, Online shop, Pay-Gateway, Tech-assistance... t
    The products as mentioned under "1" usually need to be paid for, taxes are added, transportation is expensive...
    Now the problem here is that the initial investment required to get good bulk prices will most likely put off anyone who does that as a side-line job... so realistically its only interesting as a full time job.
    Now you need other sales venues, other products to make a living.
    And the market - most niche markets, especially the ones who can not easily advertise (non-mainstream), will need to find some way to keep getting regular orders, enough to create a financial overhead.
    But that is indeed difficult...
    And by the end, I guess the calculation for many goes wrong... too much expenses, too much investment, too high a risk vs. too little actual financial growth.

    4- Manpower
    The more you offer the more complex it gets... to the point where a one-man show will have problems doing everything from product acquisition to marketing to sales to website updates, packing & Shipment, after sales customer care, etc.
    But if you add another person you dramatically increase the cost...

    IF you look at all that COMBINED - well to me it's nothing short of realistic that most of those small scale AB-Focused businesses will struggle ... either in one specific area or many aspects-

    Companies like XP Medical have a MUCH larger customer base... and that makes all the difference... + Inhouse manufacturing.
    whilst initial cost is high, the return value is also higher if done right... but you could not possibly do this by making a speciality niche-market product... to sustain even a small scale production, even with cheap labor, you need more sales than the AB Marker alone can generate. (That is why to my knowledge ALL AB-Focused Speciality Diapers are OUTSOURCED).

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    I've had good luck with Northshore Care Supply, that's who I order my ABena M4s through (via their Amazon page)

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    Good info EP01. If you want grandma diapers, you can get them from large scale distributors all day long. But if you prefer A/B type, you need to be patient. I also by 4x4 aftermarket parts, and it is very similar.

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    It doesn't help that aww so cute only has 3 product lines for sale, not a whole lot of income unless they can get their price point down to ABUniverse.

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    I am having the same problem with aww so cute. I pre ordered the pink teddy bear diapers months ago when the website stated that the shipping date would be may 15th. Well the 15th came and went and they updated the date on the site to may 25th-30th. Its now June and I still have not received any diapers or even so much as an email! I sent them a friendly email with my order number and never got a reply. I ordered diapers and a onesie from them before and everything went fine, now it seems like they are dodging us. Even if I ever get my diapers I highly doubt I will ever order anything from them again, its too bad because they make some really nice diapers.

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    ive never had any trouble with xp medical. i highly recommend them

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    I ordered a couple of pink diapers from Aww Cute over a month ago, just to see what they are like, and have also not received anything yet. They responded to my second email that the diapers were not in stock and my order was a "pre order" (never mentioned that on their web site when I ordered them) and that they anticipated shipping on May 29 or 30th and would send a tracking email when they shipped. Still haven't received diapers or tracking email.

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