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Thread: If you could go back, would you choose to not start wearing diapers again?

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    Default If you could go back, would you choose to not start wearing diapers again?

    I got my first diapers when I was 17 and I thought then I would be able to stop if I wanted to. If I knew then once I start to wear them and keep on doing it, it will get harder and harder for me to quit without feeling any depression or distress or any strong urges to wear when I go without one for too long, I honestly would still wear them. But if I was married to a vanilla or was struggling to find balance with it or finding someone who accepts it, then I would wish I never started wearing them again and would probably answer yes to my own question. Like my mom says, I have an addictive personality.

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    I'm dreaming all the time that I would choose to never ever use diapers if I could, but I know its a part of me that will never ever get out of my life, and anyone that would tell stories that they were diaper lover or adult babies and that they are now normal are lying, its not something we can control so it can't be stopped, its not like smoking, its something else a lot more far in ourselves, its a part of us we can't choose to shutdown like a computer.

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    I guess if I was someone who willingly chose at some point to develop a 'thang' for diapers, I may consider wishing to change things. But since my wearing is the result of a deep compulsion that has always been there, I can't really respond. I suppose everyone had some reason or another for wrapping themselves up in a diaper at some point....I still don't know why I did, I just know that the idea has pretty much been there as long as I can remember.....I guess I'm just weird.

    For me, diapers are mostly a transitional object to assist regression. I can find little space without them, they just serve as a helpful physical reminder of the psychological state I go in to when regressed....oh they do feel damn nice too, but that's not the main reason I wear them.

    So would I, should I be able to, change things...... yeah probably I guess. It is hard work carrying a little one around with you all day everyday, and every night.

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    Yeah I don't see how a choice ever really comes up. I spent a long, long time before buying diapers, but I've been a DL since age 3 or 4. Even if I hadn't bought my first diapers since age 2 last year, it would have happened eventually. Even if I put off actually wearing, I'd still think about wearing diapers and using them and all the other things I fantasize about. I have felt that way my whole life and it's not something that can be turned off or ignored, regardless of whether the physical act is indulged.

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    I had a lot of fun last night. My little was out to play so I snuggled down to sleep diapered, in my onsie cuddling my teddy.

    It hurts no one. Does no damage to me.

    No, I only wish that I had acted on this sooner. I will not go back.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SissyDLE View Post
    I had a lot of fun last night. My little was out to play so I snuggled down to sleep diapered, in my onsie cuddling my teddy.

    It hurts no one. Does no damage to me.

    No, I only wish that I had acted on this sooner. I will not go back.

    So do I
    I see your 2 years older than me

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    Normally I would ask, ArchieRoni, how it is possible to be a DL at age 3 or 4, but I have to say that is when I guess I first recall being a DL as well. To answer the original question first, I couldn't imagine life without them, one I am a bedwetter and two, to comfy. I recall at age 4, 5 at the latest, having my brothers best friend over with his little brother, who is 2 or 3 years younger than me (my brother and me being less than a year apart), and stealing his diapers when no one was looking. Mind you they were baby diapers and it peaked my interest to wear them. Thinking back it really intrigues me because I was a bedwetter back then and wore Goodnites to bed. I even recall a close call with wearing the baby diaper. One night I thought of wearing one of my collected baby diapers to bed instead of a Goodnite. Well something told me nah wear the Goodnite. Well when I was done getting ready for bed I went to say night to my mom and dad. My dad asked me if I put m Goodnite on, which he did just about every night, and then he did something unexpected... check to make sure I was actually wearing one... Which he never did!!

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    Well, I guess, for me it was something that has always been there. I didn't have any concept of fetishism, but still it was there. Since I joined adisc, all sorts of memories pop up that I completely forgot about, but I did a lot of experimenting when I was a kid/youth. There were many moments, that now, looking back, seem to be so typical for an ABDL growing up, but it didn't make any sense until I got access to the internet and discovered what's what. There might have been some instances that jumpstarted the whole thing, but until now I'm still not quite sure about the chronological order. So, I didn't really choose to become an ABDL and actually wearing diapers was only the last step, the cherry on the cream topping, so to speak.

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    My little side has brought me significantly more happiness than sadness. I can say without any hesitation that I wouldn't want to go back and prevent myself from exploring this part of me.

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