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Thread: My first deliberate diaper wetting

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    Default My first deliberate diaper wetting

    This is a true story. I originally posted this in the Story Forum, but I was a bit too descriptive about the actual wetting of my diaper and the story was removed. I have toned it down a bit, so let's see how it goes!

    As a child, I was a light bed wetter up until the age of 11. I would rarely flood the bed, but would either wake up just before or just after I started to go. When I did go, it would dribble or trickle out rather than a full on release. Even if I did wake up in time, there was only a 50-50 chance that I would get to the toilet without starting to dribble in my pants.

    To combat this, I would wear thick training pants and plastic panties to bed, and would not wear pyjama bottoms. If I was tired, unwell, or away from home I would be put in a disposable nappy. I never minded wearing protection, as I really hated getting my bed wet. I guess because I had grown up needing the protection, it wasn't strange or unusual for me, and certainly preferable to wet sheets. I always wore a nappy, ( which we called my "sleep pants") on a Friday and Saturday night, as I was allowed to stay up late, and mum would sleep in the next day. I kept wearing trainers or diapers until I was 12, about 6 months after I stopped wetting.

    The rules were simple. If my training pants got wet, which probably happened about 4 times a week, then I would just change myself. If my bed got wet, then I would wake my parents and they would change my sheets. If my diaper was wet, which it usually was, I would not worry about it until I could have a shower in the morning. I was not supposed to try and remove it myself. This rule came about after a couple of times I made it to the toilet but struggled to undo it, eventually wrecking it, and peeing all over myself and the floor in the process!

    So one Friday night when I was 10, I am put into my nappy and sent to bed about 10 o'clock. I woke up about 1, dry, but needing a wee. I could hear the TV because mum was still up. I got her, and she took me to the toilet, removed my "sleep pants" and after I had done a wee, she put them back on me. I went back to sleep, waking up about 7 o'clock still dry, and with only a slight urge to pee. Wow! I was staying dry more and more!

    I got up, made some cereal and juice, and settled down to watch the cartoons while wearing my pyjama top, a nappy with race car pictures, and a pair of white socks.

    After an hour or so, the juice had started to work and my need to pee was increasing, although not yet urgent. I considered waking mum up, but thought "Eh, she'll be up soon." She was up a bit later, had overslept, and was running late for something. She made a quick cup of tea, drank it, and went for a shower. As she headed to the bathroom she said "I'll have a shower, then take your sleep pants off and you can have one."

    Big mouthed me, fully engrossed in Looney Tunes, replied without thinking about my predicament, just answered "That's ok. They're still dry."

    "Good boy!" She said, as she left for the bathroom.

    As soon as she was gone, I snapped back to reality and suddenly realised how badly I needed to go. "Oh well, to late now. I'll just have to hold on a bit longer" I thought.

    But my need seemed extremely urgent now. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go into the bathroom, and I wasn't allowed to remove the diaper myself and go outside to pee. I could hear the shower running as well, and that wasn't helping any!

    That's when the idea hit me. Using the logic that only a 10 year old boy could fathom while engrossed in the television I thought, "Why not just pee in my sleep pants? They were usually wet by now anyway, and nobody will know!"

    So I sat there and tried to relax and let go. That didn't work. I gave a slight push. Still nothing. So I put my feet up and opened my legs a little. Boy, that worked! My bladder released with a rush.

    This is the part that is forever burned in my memory.

    I was watching The Road Runner, but suddenly my attention was drawn to my diaper. It swelled up like a balloon, the pictures of racing cars faded instantly, and I could feel my butt getting wet. I must've peed like a racehorse for a good 20 seconds or more before I could stop. When I regained control I was flushed and out of breath. I was squeezing my nappy with a mixture of horror and fascination. I couldn't remember ever wetting that much whilst awake.

    Mum returned shortly after with a towel around her hair. "Well since your sleep pants are dry, you won't need a shower" she told me.

    "I might be wrong, they could be a little wet...." Was my reply.

    "Well come over here and I'll check 'em." She instructed.

    I got up, and 2 streams of pee ran down the insides of both legs soaking my socks. My nappy was yellow, swollen, and hanging down. As soon as I stood up, more unreleased pee escaped and I stood there peeing in front of her.

    She grabbed the towel off her head and hurried towards me, stuffing the towel between my legs. "Did you just wet yourself?" "Why have you wet your pants?"

    I started to cry. I was explaining "It was an accident. I couldn't hold on any more. You were in the bathroom!"

    After a shower and change, I received a mild scolding. Not for wetting myself, but for not telling her when I needed to go.

    But I could never tell her that it wasn't a real accident, I had liked it, and already wanted to repeat it again!

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    Sounds great, soggy!
    I wish I could have pulled something like that when I was 10.
    I could not, and would have gotten a lot of punishment, humiliation and shame for doing it!
    Too bad, huh?
    That's just the way it went with me when I was very young and craved the love and attention I'd have received from a 'real' family.
    That would have 'ended' things for me, BUT.........
    I remember one hot summer day when the 'neighbor girl' was with me in the backyard.......
    She turned to me and said, "let's wet our pants!"
    Since she was really very cute, adventurous and kinda silly, I got interested and we both just 'let go.'
    It was great, and I only wish that we still knew each other so we could re-live that warm afternoon long ago......
    But, since that now we are adults, it seems very unlikely to happen again. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but would she?
    This is a true story. And the pure hell I got from my family afterwards was epic. And then, when I heard about her parents' reaction to our 'little' (pun intended!) adventure, she said they just 'laughed it off.' Wow.
    This is exactly what should have happened to me. But, since my family was so effen effed-up, I wasn't allowed to 'cherish the moment.' Too bad for young little me.......
    Soggy, our stories really don't belong in this forum. Since you opened this door, I told you my story of long ago, knowing that it didn't belong here.
    I just couldn't help myself........!
    I meant no offense.......
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    Bashfull, don't apologise man. I loved hearing it. Tell me more! Seriously, that's why I'm posting. I want to connect with other people!


    - - - Updated - - -

    Also, I agree about the suitability for this thread. I just don't know where to post! My stories don't belong in the "Fiction Stories" they're really to big for a Blog , and they're not really appropriate for the AB section! What do ya do? Lol.

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    soggyboy - Unfortunately I missed your unabridged story, but nevertheless I enjoyed this version. You have a way of words, itís almost as if I was there watching the whole thing. Bet it wasnít long before you repeated the scenario with a bit more planning?

    Like you growing up a bed wetter I discovered purposeful wetting early on. Despite my bed wetting, to the best of my memory I first did it purposely in my underpants sitting on the toilet. Totally focused on the front of my underwear, squirt by squirt I watched the shiny spot appear and quickly fade away dripping down into the toilet. In time the squirts became one as I totally gave into the urge. Those were the days!

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    Yeah, it's kinda hard to find a place where posts like ours would be welcomed.
    It's wonderful to recall the experiences we (I) had long ago. This particular time, I was eleven and she was thirteen. Her older age was exciting, as I was already going into my first 'girl crazy' phase. Ohhh, man!
    I'm trying to think about where we DLs can share our 'secrets' without having to fret about where to put them.
    I think I'm just gonna keep it up until someone calls me on it. HaHa. I'll keep doin' what I'm doin' for a bit.

    I didn't know that there were others like me in the world until about six months before I joined ADISC. What a monumental week for me. I was free!
    So, I also want to connect with others to get to know if their experiences parallel mine. When I found that others made makeshift diapers, (as I did many times) I flipped! I'm gonna like these people!
    WBxx seems to have enjoyed our posts. I'm glad for that.
    I don't know your age, soggy, so I always wonder about boring others when I don't know how old they are. Don't get me wrong, your age is none of my business, really. It's the difference in our ages that I think about.....

    Thanks for your comments, friend, and I'll see you around..........
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    Thanks guys. I have posted some similar stories as blogs if you want to read them. But I'm learning that I don't get much feedback on blog posts, hence why I have posted here as well.
    I'd love to read your stories too.

    And...... I hate to admit this.....I'm 45

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