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    i can not believe i just went out in my cuddlz diaper, i only went to the shop next door to me mind ya but i did it non the less felt weird going out in one.

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    you will get used to it :P cuddlz are not that extremly bulky so their a good diaper for going outside with :3

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    kinda felt nice to walk about out side in my diaper was little worried some one would notice but ....

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    Give it time!! I been waring in public alot of years mostly cloth covered at first in fear of noise and always after i tested what they hold today i ware plastic out everyday!!! practice makes perfect sort of speak!! I usually ware regular fit jeans but when i diaper out i wear loose fit jeans that make it less noticeable

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    Hey, I went to work in a pull up today, it was great. I've also just been to the cinema in a Comficare which is not really that discrete, loose trousers and noboy noticed.


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